Mark Zuckerberg’s idea turned into a reality!!

When Mark Zuckerberg throws out an idea for a business, it doesn’t take a moment for an entrepreneur to turn it into a truth.

In April, the Facebook CEO shared what he built for his wife, Priscilla Chan, a device he called a “sleep box,” a wooden container that sits on the bedside table and emits a gentle light among the hours of 6 a.m. and 7 a.m., whilst it’s time to get their children. That way Chan doesn’t have to continuously wake up and take a look at the time on her phone.

Zuckerberg stated “a group” of his buddies appeared interested in having one, so he published his idea on Facebook “In case any other entrepreneur wants to run with this and construct “sleep box” for more people,” he said.

Greg Hovannisyan did just that — he and a team of engineers and builders evolved a prototype for Zuckerberg’s sleep box and launched a Kickstarter marketing campaign to fund the production in June.
By May 18, Hovannisyan had a prototype, on June 13 he released the Kickstarter marketing campaign and with 27 days left it has already raised $108,000, initial plan was to raise $5,000.

“Within hours after launching on Kickstarter, the task became fully funded”, a spokesperson for the business enterprise mentioned. Hovannisyan has additionally acquired partnership  from “numerous” vendorssaid the spokesperson, who declined to reveal specifics.

Hovannisyan hosted an internet query-and-answer session about Zucklight on the famous product innovation dialogue platform Product Hunt on 3rd July and it changed into the No. 1 product of the day, which is a ranking decided with the aid of community votes.

Hovannisyan and the founding team are Armenian, so the Zucklight is being evolved via team of engineers in Armenia. The business enterprise’s headquarters are in New Jersey.

Early bird pricing for the simple Zucklight is $29, that is more than 1/2 off the expected $60 retail feein keeping with the Kickstarter marketing campaign. Early pricing for the Zucklight Plus, which includes wi-fi charging, is $39, that is more than 1/2 off the expected retail rate of $80. The Zucklight seasoned, which has wireless in addition to environmental sensors to measure the level of humidity, carbon dioxide and temperature inside the room in addition to alerts, is to be allocated to early stage backers for $47 and is predicted to retail at $100.