Stephen King predicts that the Trump administration is more petrifying than any of his novels.


On Sunday, the president went on a hateful twitter broadside against congresswomen of color, his latest brazenly racist statements during a decades-long history of dogmatism. that very same day, fears of his secure raids on undocumented immigrants left town parks and markets quiet, as families spent the summer Sunday reception for concern of being rounded up by ICE. Legendary horror author Stephen King took to Twitter with a grim forecast of what he fears can be next for America.

“First, you tend emotion and concern of minorities,” he wrote. “Then you spherical them up and place them in camps. Next, you channel offensive parties to urge those that are driven into activity. The armbands return next right?

The popular author has has long been a staunch Trump administration critic, and often vents his outrage at the ever-spiraling horrors of the Trump era on social media. His outspoken critiques have found the author blocked by the president on Twitter—a move that a federal court of appeals last week dominated was unconstitutional.

Everything regarding Trump and his administration is ugly, mean-spirited, petty, skeevy, and simply plain wrong.

King’s 1979 novel The Dead Zone offered Associate in Nursing eerie prediction of the Trump presidency. The book’s villain, Greg Stillson, could be a assets trickster WHO makes a speedy political rise as a fire-breathing rabble-rouser backed by a cadre of rockers who enforce violent orders at his rallies. Stillson’s political rise threatens to finish during a nuclear bomb-fueled Third World War.

In a video interview last week, King mentioned the similarities between Trump and his forty-year-old character. “Do you think that that the Trump presidency is scarier than a Stephen King novel?” the enquirer asked. “The short answer thereto is affirmative,” replied King. “Yes, I do.”