Woodstock 50 has become a great mess!

In the six short months since Lang proclaimed his plans to throw Woodstock 50, it’s been like unhealthy psychedelic trip attempting to follow what the hell goes on. As of July, most likely don’t set up hitching a ride or stilt within the back of your VW van as a result of logistically it doesn’t seem like it’s happening. At first, excitement was whirling with JAY-Z, Miley Cyrus the Younger, The Killers, Henry Martyn Robert Plant, Santana, and a lot of filling out the lineup, however since that March announcement, things have gotten confusing with price tag sales deferred and investors chickening out — and not while not Lang and his team demand the fest remains on at each step on the means. In time period, there was no official website for Woodstock fifty. 

Watkins Valley International issued a press release that they “terminated the location license for Woodstock consistent to provisions of the contract,” and among the hour that news stony-broke, sign according the American state Department of Health rescinded the fest’s allow application, and CID amusement, World Health Organization would are the event’s primary producer providing accommodations, additionally backed out. and every one of this comes once the bulk of funding for the event was force, beginning with primary capitalist Dentsu Aegis Network, World Health Organization in April claimed the event was canceled once Woodstock fifty didn’t meet allow applications. 

That then spiraled into a legal battle, ultimately leading to Woodstock fifty not obtaining the cash they were secure from Dentsu Aegis Network, and having to hunt different investors. Even while not a venue, and being forced to hunt various financiers, Woodstock fifty refused to offer informed its promise. identical day Watkins valley proclaimed it absolutely was now not hosting, Woodstock fifty issued the subsequent statement to Billboard: “We are in discussions with another venue to host Woodstock 50 on August 16-18 and appearance forward to sharing the new location once tickets persist sale within the returning weeks.” But as of Gregorian calendar month nine, their next best choice to host, Vernon Downs (a considerably smaller Upstate ny casino, hotel, and race track with no inhabitation facilities) additionally denied them a allow. in step with selection, as a result of the applying didn’t meet a 120-day-out point and lacked “many of the necessities,” it absolutely was not accepted. Oneida County govt Anthony Picente son. told selection he sees it as a “a close to impossibility” that the event can move among ensuing many weeks, and Oneida’s Head of Emergency Services Kevin Revere referred to as it a “recipe for disaster.” 

But, of course, Woodstock fifty responded that they continue to be persistent to find a home for the fest. They’ve even gone to date to mention that it’s not their unpunctual coming up with guilty, however rather “certain political forces could also be operating against the resurrection of the competition,” as if there are conspiracies at play and not the very fact that their allow was incomplete. The promoters will still repeal the choice among ensuing few days, presumptively taking under consideration the town’s considerations for a lot of thorough emergency relief and raised traffic plans. 

This appears like the route they’re taking, as Greg Peck, the President of Woodstock fifty, LLC, said, “We appreciate the honest feedback from the city of Vernon and can still address their comments as we have a tendency to enter the ultimate coming up with phases for Woodstock fifty. we have a tendency to are assured that this careful coming up with and thought of community considerations can lead to a secure, foremost competition.” So, whereas fans and would-be competition goers expect the ultimate word, it’s onerous to mention whether or not or not Woodstock fifty is formally off. Right now, it undoubtedly doesn’t have a venue, however the organizers themselves won’t surrender till their historic event goes on in how, shape, or form… or accidentally goes down in history just like the Fyre Fest.