Roshan Jamrock: K-Town Clan Crunkmaster

Roshan Jamrock of K-Town Clan started off his passion in music at a very young age. Needless to say he and his group mates, Ganesh and Vidya have been together since school days. When the group first won a national talent competition called Blast Off, the group shot up to fame and was widely loved by fellow Malaysians. The fans immediately tagged K-Town Clan as the pioneers of Crunk Music back then.

Years later, the group still makes music that can make you bounce and move those feet on the dance floor. Roshan has also sung and wrote four songs for three Tamil blockbusters, Kabali, Bairavaa and the latest one Kaala. We at thekult managed to have a quick chat with Roshan Jamrock himself.

1)When and why did you start K-Town Clan?

K-town Clan was born in 2005. With no prior experience apart from jamming in our classrooms and some events for school, we got together to join a national talent search competition called Blast Off. This was our first break into the music industry when against all odds we were crowned Grand Champions. 👑
2) How long have you all known each other? How did you meet?
Ganesh, Vidya and I are from the same school, Kajang High School. Ganesh was our senior but somehow we always got along from day one. We got closer when Vidya and I were in form 4 and Ganesh was in form 6. After class we would hang around Ganesh’s class and jam with guitars , school tables as drums and make a whole lotta noise.
3) When did you form your group? What inspired you to make music together?
We’ve always had a mutual love for music. As mentioned above we jammed and just had fun making music together. Who would have thought banging school tables and strumming the guitar would lead to something so beautiful.
4) What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?
We started off doing Crunk music. But that was when we were 18. Years later, I would say our sound has evolved and we don’t really like to classify our music into one particular genre. So let’s call it ‘music that makes you want to dance and let loose.’
5) Please explain your creative process.
I’ve got more than 100 songs produced so it really varies. Sometimes it’s one way sometimes it’s another. But what I can say is personally, the best things come to me when I’m not ‘making music’. I might be driving, in the middle of a conversation or even sleeping and suddenly something comes to mind and I record the idea/melody/lyrics on my phone. This spark ends up becoming a full composition.
6) How do you handle mistakes during a performance?
Just don’t drink too much 😂 If anything does happen, one always backs the other. It’s easier to ‘coverline’ in a group compared to performing alone. There have been a few occasions where we forget our cue’s or lyrics but and we make fun of each other when it happens. The aftermath of forgetting lyrics is a life long sentence of getting made fun of within the group.
7) Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?
There’s dozens of hidden messages in our songs. You just have to listen carefully to really understand what those messages are. Even songs like “Give Em The Ughh!!!” have so many hidden messages in terms of lyrics as well as our music video. You just have to be able to decipher those codes.
8) Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?
Yes we do. Especially bigger shows. We’ve done crowds of 100 people all the way to 50k people. Being nervous is normal, doing this for so long, we acknowledge the feeling and embrace it.
Moving on to you…
9) What’s an average day like for you? We know you are more than a musician!
There is no such thing as an average day for me every day is a blessing 🙂 But if you really must know a lot of days are different, if I work late I try and get as much sleep as possible, if I don’t work late I am up and at the office as early as possible. I find it crucial to start the day early. A lot of people are surprised when I call them or reply their messages at 7 or 8 am. because they have this notion that all musicians live this “rockstar carefree” lifestyle of waking up late. I believe I’ve changed some people’s perception when it comes to this common misconception. Apart from that the only thing that is the same every single day is starting the day with prayer and ending the day with prayer. Gratitude!
10) Any incident or mishaps that has taken place to you while being a performer?
Too many things that we cannot disclose here 😉. One thing of the things that can be shared is people getting so hammered during our video shoots, award winning director included. Another story is, once upon a time, a group dissed K-town Clan in their song, in fact they dissed our entire town, Kajang. I didn’t take it lightly and long story short, he got ‘checked’. He didn’t want to meet face to face and he even wanted to make a police report. That day, i learnt a very valuable lesson. I realized that a majority of these people are just talk and no walk, what they do and say is just an act. So moral of the story is, don’t waste your time stressing about ‘c*ck-fellers’.
11) In the music industry, there are always haters, how do you deal with haters or to be more precise, deal with “beefs”
Everyone’s got haters, Even the nicest fella on the planet, so what to do? Chill lah 🙂 C*ck fellers only have the upper hand when you let their words get to you or control your emotions. So it’s your job to keep yourself, thoughts and emotions in check.
12) What would you advise the young and upcoming musicians?
Be Disciplined, Be Kind,  Be Committed, Maintain your Integrity, Empathize, Work Hard, Embrace Hard Times as you do the Good, Practice gratitude for the simple most meaningful things in life and most importantly, Stay Humble.  “Less flexing and more working” – @iamroshanjamrock 
In conclusion, we at thekult had a beautiful insight into the life of Roshan Jamrock and the crew that is K-Town Clan. We wish the team all the best in all of their future endeavors.
Now it’s time for us to bid adieu and party #kawkaw like a #partyanimal – #letsgetcrunk

Check out Roshan’s brand new track! – Wei

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