When you speak of Sarawak, many would recall the state city Kuching which offers a diverse tourism hotspot for travelers. One should also take note of Miri city in the northern region, just an hour ride to the border of Brunei.

And here in Miri, the offering is equivalent and well-adjusted. It offers beaches, food, attraction sites and its people. With all this in mind, a traveler would scour for one stay which can be different from your usual commercial residence.

Here we bring you Kingwood Boutique Hotel, a homegrown hotel chain by the Kingwood Group in Sibu. It first came to life in 1986 known as the Rinwood Inn. What began as a simple act of hospitality churned the inspiration to offer a unique, pleasant and comfortable stay in Miri. Kingwood Boutique Hotel was officially launched in 2015 and it is now a landmark of hospitality especially for the discerning nomads.

Kingwood Boutique Hotel embodies what boutique stay is all about. The carefully decorated interior and the tiny details including the aromatic smell of it’s entrance. There’s plush pillows in every floor to comfort your head to rest. The overall design reflects a sophisticated vintage style reinterpreted with a modern twist. This welcoming design is certainly equivalent to those boutique offerings you can spot in the buzzing cities like Melbourne, Berlin and London!

Kingwood Boutique Hotel offers five types of guest room designs that include intimate studio-styled rooms, deluxe private rooms, spacious suites with parlor areas and the Crown loft. For every room it is catered for every traveler who is looking for comfort and style in one place.

The rooms furniture are carefully put and sizeable for the surrounding space, and one in particular to highlight is the working desk which can be transform into a dressing table complete with a mirror when the base is open up. The amenities are carefully thought through as required for any traveler which commends on a well thought process on welcoming one into the room. You will have an area for the wet area encompassing a sink with spacious area including spa-inspired bath amenities. There are two areas to separate a shower with rain shower heads and a toilet to mind your own business.

One big plus point of Kingwood Boutique Hotel is that the location is so ideal, one would not need to worry about travelling around the city. Opposite the road is one of the largest mall in Miri, The Imperial Mall and surrounding the area one will not miss out the convenience stores and eateries which are worthy to explore. If you are a night crawler, just down the road you will explore Ming Café – where the who and who hangs out over the weekend.

Whenever you are coming to Miri soon, this is one highly recommended stay for the weekend to make this a memorable trip for you and your loved ones.

For more information, visit www.kingwoodmiri.com.my