Comedian Prakash Daniel presents B-E-A UTIFUL

beautiful /ˈbjuːtɪfʊl,ˈbjuːtɪf(ə)l/ adjective 

– pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically. 

Everything around us can be “BEAUTIFUL” in its own way. Prakash Daniel’s 1 hour comedy special will be looking at the beautiful things that he has experienced from his family, career and relationships. 

One thing for sure, his beard will be absolutely BEAUTIFUL but there is more to the show than just facial hair. 

“BEAUTIFUL” will be visually enticing with an element of music as well. It is a slightly new approach to present comedy in a unique way. 


Image credit:Nic Chung

Prakash Daniel started doing stand-up comedy 7 years ago and he is one of the brightest comedy talents in Malaysia. From being a comedy fan to now performing, he has garnered a small following over the years. He has been performing the South East Asian region and always a favorite host in the local scene. 

Image credit: Kong Xian Ming

He has toured with Indian comics such as Aravind SA and Baggy as well as Western stars such as Gina Yashare and Tom Rhodes

Last year he was invited to perform at the prestigious Melbourne International Comedy Festival as part of the festival produced “Comedy Zone Asia”. 

“….High energy performer” – The Herald Sun 

“…. Daniel’s energy was infectious, his jokes side-splitting and his beard magnificent” – 


You’re sure to have a beautiful night with Prakash Daniel this 14th September, 8-10PM at PJ LIVE ARTS. See you there!