KL International Jazz & Arts Festival 2019

Since its origination in 2012, the KL International Jazz & Arts Festival has given an excellent line of international Grammy Award Winners & Nominees. Their featured acts over the years include Ahmad Jamal, David Sanborn, Ernie Watts, Eric Wyatt, Lee Ritenour and John Beasley.

For the 2019 edition, the KL International Jazz & Arts Festival is being held at the KL Jazz & Arts Centre. Celebrating the music of the legendary saxophone player Sonny Rollins.

Sonny Rollins

Sonny represents the generation of true Jazz Masters. Rollins recently said, “They’re not here currently therefore I feel like I’m sort of representing all of them, all of the blokes. Furthermore, I’m one of the last guys left, as I’m told, therefore I feel a holy obligation generally to evoke these folks.”

KL Jazz & Arts Centre’s featured artistes for this edition embrace Eric Wyatt (New York), James Ryan (Sydney), Kazutoki Umezu (Japan) and Makoto Yoshimori (Japan).

eric wyatt


Eric Wyatt is the God Son of Sonny Rollins, he will head line the festival. Earlier this month Wyatt released a concept album for Sonny Rollins competently titled the ‘The Golden Rule (for Sonny Rollins)”.

Eric Wyatt is one among the very few Jazz Musicians that was born and raised in Brooklyn. Not to mention, his father was a musician who played with a number of the best Jazz musicians. Eric remembers meeting at a really young age a number of these music legends.

His father, Charles Wyatt, played tenor saxophone and would drive Sonny Rollins and the band members to perform. In addition, Eric would go along for a few of those rides at the age of ten- years-old. One of those rides led to him discover that he wished to be a musician.

eric wyatt

Be sure to make your reservations early as space is limited. Enjoy a night of beautiful music at the KL Jazz & Arts Centre (KLJAC)