Designer Billy Reid lays out his design secrets – for men.

Have you at any point seen the folks who love to dole out style counsel are frequently the ones that really need some themselves? The folks with the genuine knowledge don’t want to proselytize about how to get extraordinary style—you need to inquire. That is actually what we did when we saw creator Billy Reid behind the stage at his Spring/Summer 2020 runway shot in Florence, AL, the area of his leader store and his yearly food and music festival, the Shindig.

Reid’s aesthetic — a blend of laid-back Southern roots and sharp New York reasonableness—mixes free outlines, perplexing examples, and cool, impartial tints. It’s a style that is conceived of motivation and need.



“I’ve spent my entire profession heading out to New York, Alabama—all over the place,” says Billy Reid. “So I just keep things in my wardrobe that fit me well and will outlive patterns.”

Read on for Reid’s tips on building a closet, looking slimmer, and the one thing you ought to consistently do before any spruced up occasion.

Purchase Fewer—Better—Things

Reid’s way to deal with his closet is equivalent to his gathering: quality over amount. “It’s smarter to have excellent pieces that truly fit you well than only a ton of garments occupying room,” Billy Reid says. When paring down his wardrobe, he asks himself what he would take on a fourteen day trip on the off chance that he needed to pack right, at that point. Anything that doesn’t fit that shape gets the hatchet.

“That leaves me with my preferred pants, my navy blazer, some T-shirts, a suit, practice garments, and afterward some progressively laid-back things,” he says. “Basically, I come it down to exactly what I need.” Reid wears garments to a great extent in strong neutrals like naval force, dark, white, and dim—with some little runs of shading—since they generally look extraordinary together and will consistently make for an ageless look.


“Obviously, despite everything you’ll have that tux you wear on more than one occasion per year, however those ordinary basics can take you a ton of spots.”

In the event that you have a huge storage room, a great spot to begin is getting rid of anything you haven’t worn for as long as year. At that point you can begin gathering the pieces you unquestionably need to keep by utilizing Reid’s strategy.

Try Not to Overdo It

A tie bar or a handkerchief can add some panache to your look and hotshot your own style. Be that as it may, wear them alongside suspenders, a handkerchief, a lapel stick, and a chain wallet, and you’ll appear to be making a decent attempt.

“I cherish embellishments,” Billy Reid says. “I think men need them. However, stay with only one.”

For instance, in case you’re wearing a jacket, including a handkerchief can be an intense explanation independent from anyone else. The enticement could be to join it with different pieces, however Billy says the correct method to nail the look is to focus on only one adornment and possess it.

“You needn’t bother with that additional lapel stick—except if no doubt about it.”

Big Event? Always Wear-Test

On the off chance that you’ve at any point hauled out a coat or suit before a wedding or service just to find that it doesn’t fit well or isn’t custom fitted effectively, you most likely took in this stunt the most difficult way possible. Reid proposes that before any eminent occasion—or whenever you have to put your best self forward—to wear your arranged outfit well ahead of time.

“When Sean Connery handled the job as 007, he realized he’d wear one dark suit a great deal, so for a considerable length of time before shooting he wore it consistently. Evidently he even dozed in it,” Reid says. “That is the reason he looked so loose and positive about the film.”

Keeping that in mind, Reid equipped Daniel Craig with his famous peacoats for Skyfall and made the conveyance weeks early so Craig could live in them before taping.

daniel craig

Source: Movieclothiers

Wear-testing will likewise enable you to acknowledge whether the better fitting subtleties—sleeves, fixes, length—need tweaking. Shoot to have your look three weeks before the huge occasion and wear it at any rate twice so your look will say you realize how to claim a room.

Less Fabric is More Flattering

Fitting is a strength of Reid’s, and he knows how the correct cut can make you look fit—or fat. To trim down your outline, he proposes utilizing less texture at whatever point conceivable. For tops, this implies band collars for formal occasions and Henleys for something increasingly easygoing.

“Expelling a neckline makes your neck look longer and makes a thinning impact,” he says. “It’s a stunt ladies use frequently, however it tends to be converted into menswear, as well.”

The equivalent goes for your gasp width. A baggier fit—except if that is the expected impact—can make your base half look overwhelming, particularly in photographs.

“On ESPN, the sportscasters frequently wear slimmer-cut jeans that are cut like pants, since they need that slimmer leg.”

Accomplish this equivalent look by choosing thin fit jeans Opens in New Window—even on greater folks. Having close to 2 to 3 creeps of overabundance texture at your leg when standing is the ideal method to make your general shape look slimmer instantly.


Mind Your Proportions

Similarly as the width of your garments is fundamental, so is the length.

“Wearing a coat that is too long can burden you,” Reid says.

It’s basic to locate your very own perfectly coat to try and out your extents. Reid wears his coat somewhat shorter than an average off-the-rack coat in his size, yet it took him some time to make sense of what worked best for him.

The old-school stunt is to cup your fingers against your palms to discover the spot where your coat should hit. “It’s not all that logical, however it’ll give you a vibe for what’s correct.”

For the best outcomes, Reid prescribes working with your tailor to try different things with various lengths and locate the one that is directly for you.

“When you train your psyche to see the little contrasts, you’ll start seeing it with all your garments, and you’ll search better for it.”