Here is why Malaysia should have been in the list of World’s Best Street Food!

Malaysia is a country rich with diversity and it always best represented by food! We would like to be known as the King Of Street Food. With any Malaysian dish you request, you’re probably going to get a bounty of flavors at a reasonable value, making it the perfect place for foodies to eat at.

The street food situation in this country has evolved over the years, from lanes behind shop lots serving specialty dishes, to rows of eateries that overflow onto the streets because of the amount of customers coming in. The amazing thing is that the food continues to remain super yummy even through the test of time, and you don’t have to search everywhere for good food, since you can find it everywhere!

So here is why we think we should have been in the international list for Worlds Best Street Food, in fact No 1 in the World!

Apam Balik

The perfect on-the-go dessert, apam balik is made wonderfully satisfying by a crunchy shell and sweet fillings. The most common filling combination for this palm-sized treat includes sugar, sweetened corn and crushed peanuts. It’s no wonder many find it hard to resist.

Apom Balik


This popular dessert, served with a generous bowl of shaved ice, is topped with green rice flour jelly, coconut milk and palm sugar syrup. Chendol is one of the best cheap desserts in Malaysia, with the combination of sweet and cold guaranteed to have you slurping away in no time.


Char Koay Teow

A staple Malaysian breakfast, a simple dish widely enjoyed by locals. Grab yourself a plate of this delicious flat rice noodles and top it with fried eggs, cockles, and whatever takes your hungry fancy.

Char Kuey Teow

Chee Cheong Fun

These thin rice noodle rolls, originally created in China, aren’t hard to find because they’re so popular. Chee Cheong Fun is typically topped with sweet soy sauce, along with various types of stuffed vegetables and fried morsels.

chee cheong fun

Chicken Rice

A popular lunch dish, chicken rice can be easily found at hawker centers all over Kuala Lumpur. This steamed chicken dish comes with a healthy drizzle of soy sauce and slices of cucumber for a refreshing crunch.

chicken rice


It is a small pie consisting of curry with chicken and potatoes in a deep-fried or baked pastry shell. Popular tea time snack to go with coffee.


Lok Lok

Served from the back of a truck, lok-lok is another favourite late night snack for locals. At the back of the truck you will find luscious sticks of meat and vegetables, ready to be cooked in the hot pot. This convenient food is also budget-friendly.

lok lok

Nasi Lemak

A cultural icon of Malaysia, nasi lemak is a dish is not to be missed. Fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk is paired with roasted peanuts, crunchy anchovies, boiled eggs, and most importantly, the sweet-spicy sambal.


Penang Asam Laksa

The combination of sour and spicy in this fish broth will definitely have you wanting more. Many ingredients are used to create Asam Laksa’s tantalising flavour, including shrimp paste, fresh shallots, and slices of pineapple.


Putu Mayam

It consists of rice flour pressed into noodle form and then steamed, pair it with a wide array of choices from brown sugar & coconut shavings for the little ones or with a steaming hot plate of curry. Simply, mouth watering.  

putu mayam

Ramly Burger

This famous cheap eat is so popular that it has even graced the shores of New York City. A favourite among Malaysian locals as a late night snack, this Malaysian-style burger can be easily found at food stalls all over the Kuala Lumpur.

ramlee burger


If there’s any food that symbolises Malaysia, it would be rojak, which means mixture in Malay. The sweet version of rojak mainly consists of fruits and vegetables. The savoury type is usually made of fried bean curds, cut vegetables, hard boiled eggs, and other fritters.


Roti Canai Banjir

Roti Canai is a staple Malaysian breakfast,  an Indian-influenced flatbread dish. This glorious Roti Canai is served with a fish curry, sambal, dhal and topped off with 2 half boiled eggs. Wash it down with teh tarik and it is guaranteed to set your morning straight.

roti canai