Tattoo Malaysia Expo 2019 – the biggest one yet!

Anybody with a tattoo comprehends what it feels like when the needle first hits the skin, and after that having that needle hauled over their skin, here and there for a considerable length of time. It’s difficult. However, for a few, it’s this torment that takes them back to the tattoo specialists and studios over and over.

Addictive? Maybe. For other people, it’s a craving to be carved in wonderful body craftsmanship, or to get a memory planned onto their skin.

“A tattoo session for certain individuals resembles treatment – it has a quieting impact on them,” says Malaysian tattoo craftsman Carlos Benny Majakil, who has been in the scene for more than 20 years.

“I’ve done enthusiastic tattoos and remembrance tattoos on customers, and they feel as though the sessions are helpful. They get enthusiastic when they recount to the tales of their tattoos. As a craftsman, I don’t simply manage their physical agony, I sympathize with their distress and trouble as well.”


Majakil, 36, is the driving force of Tattoo Malaysia Expo 2019, the greatest global body craftsmanship occasion in the nation. The expo happens in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, at the KL Convention Center from Nov 29 to Dec 1.

Majakil was behind three past tattoo shows in 2015, 2016 and 2017 in the place where he grew up of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Those occasions were smaller, however they gathered intrigue from neighborhood lovers as well as worldwide body craftsmen and explorers as well.

Carlos Benny Majakil, a Kadazan from Sabah, began inking at age 14.


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In 2017, the show facilitated 71 craftsmen from 27 nations. This year, Majakil says they have members from 35 nations. “We’re focusing on 30,000 guests for the expo, significantly more than we had in KK (around 2,000), however we accept this is attainable as KL is progressively open,” he says.

The expo, bolstered by the Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCeb) and the Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry, considers a travel industry occasion, going under the Mice (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) classification.

Majakil’s organization Koiyak Gloves, which produces latex gloves structured explicitly for the tattoo business, is the fundamental support and coordinator.

“I began Koiyak Gloves in 2013. The thought came to me during my visits to global tattoo expos. Gloves are significant as we should prioritize cleanliness and sanitation,” says Majakil, including that he’s working with companions and a little group of accomplices to guarantee the Malaysian show runs easily.


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“When I got back, I began working with a neighborhood latex glove maker. Koiyak Gloves is 100% Malaysia-owned. The word ‘koiyak’ (koh-ee-yak) signifies ‘to laugh’ in Kadazan, my local language. The gloves are my commitment to the tattoo business, as well as the nation’s economy as well.”

A large number of the craftsmen resulting in these present circumstances year’s expo have been a part of the past shows. It is anything but a shock as Majakil is a part of a worldwide network of tattoo specialists who travel broadly for work and who are extremely supportive of one another’s activities.


“The initial three occasions resembled meeting focuses for tattoo craftsmen from Malaysia and abroad,” he says. “I consider myself to be a scaffold among neighborhood and remote specialists. I’m associated with specialists from Europe and North America, so it wasn’t difficult to get them to join.”

Debris Goh, a Malaysian with a vocation in the tattoo scene in Singapore, where she claims Tejomaya Studios, says she met Majakil at an Italian show three years prior. They have been getting up to speed over yonder from that point forward.

“I appreciate tattoo shows as a rule, yet I’m particularly energized for KL on the grounds that it feels like balik kampung (homecoming),” she says. “I’m anticipating meeting different craftsmen and ideally gain some new useful knowledge.”

Majakil says he screens the craftsmen who need to take part, however has faith in giving individuals chances to learn and improve their body workmanship aptitude since this was the way he himself developed.

“It’s an opportunity for Malaysian craftsmen to get introduction and experience, so I invite any individual who will take a risk. I took in a ton in my movements. I’ve been to four landmasses to meet prestigious specialists and invest energy with them to learn various styles of inking,” he says.

Tattoo Malaysia Expo is one of numerous forerunners to Visit Malaysia 2020. Government offices like Tourism Malaysia have been effectively elevating the nation to universal markets over the previous months, and this occasion puts Malaysia among the nations with a creating body workmanship culture.

A few local clans in Malaysia as of now have their own tattoo and body craftsmanship traditions. The bungai terung of Sarawak, as an example, is an outstanding theme among tattoo specialists and body craftsmanship fans around the world.

“Tattoos used to be forbidden in our way of life as it is for the most part connected with groups of three and posses. However, things have changed and it is presently observed as a type of body craftsmanship just as self-articulation,” says Majakil, including that his customers originate from varying backgrounds.

“I have customers who are CEOs, legal counselors, overseeing chiefs and those in the corporate world – fruitful people who don’t see tattoos adversely.”

Goh includes that the body workmanship scene in Singapore is evolving as well. “The more youthful age is progressively responsive towards it. A great deal of experts get tattoos currently, regardless of whether they keep the arrangements watchful. Tattoos are more standard contrasted with a couple of decades prior.”

She says that, “The scene is getting increasingly aggressive with a great deal of specialists rising. (In any case, it’s useful for the development if the principles of inking improves with each new age bringing their mark style to it.”

In the same way as other craftsmen, Majakil and Goh are vigorously inked themselves. “Contingent upon where I go, individuals here and there come up to me to request a selfie. They’re not scared by what I look like. They’re generally simply inspired by the body craftsmanship,” says Majakil, who began inking at age 14.

“My tattoos don’t characterize the sort of individual I am. I generally accept that ‘great brings forth great’.”



In spite of the fact that he doesn’t work in a specific style, Majakil says he’s keen on Japanese plans and concedes there’s much for him to learn. With respect to his customers, he gives a valiant effort to suit their solicitations.

“Tattoos are close to home. Each tattoo recounts to a story,” says Majakil. “At the point when another customer requests a tattoo, we experience a counsel first. As a dependable craftsman, I request the thought process behind their plan and prompt them in like manner. Tattoos are changeless, so you need a decent one.”

Goh includes that a few customers know precisely what they need, which may (or may not) make it simpler. “Customers these days are more sagacious and do their very own examination for plans. They frequently request customized body craftsmanship to recognize occasions in their lives rather than simply picking something off the Internet.”

To see which craftsmen will be at Tattoo Malaysia Expo 2019, look at @tattoomalaysiaexpo on Facebook and Instagram. Tickets are at a bargain at Here is an artist lineup for you to know what to expect. Single-day and three-day passes are accessible. You should likewise set up arrangements ahead of time with your preferred artist.