Malaysia’s Top Instagram Fitness Influencers 2019

Want to “level up” your fitness goals?

If so, then one thing you can do is build a workout routine that helps you burn fat and improve your overall fitness. Easier said than done, right?

We know finding time to build a workout routine, meal plan and sticking by it may be dreadful, however here are a few Instagram fitness influencers of 2019 that you can follow to make your fitness regime work for 2020. 

Jordan Yeoh 

A little info on the man himself: A fitness celebrity, certified trainer and a full time dad. He started working out 5 times a week and eating right. He was awarded as the first ever “Best Hunk” in The Hottest Hunks in Malaysia 2011, as well as featured in Men’s Health cover for a few times. Dubbed the ‘Durian Prince’ by once breaking the local standards selling durians shirtless back in 2015. His Iron Mastery Program inspires millions of people worldwide and that keeps him motivated to help more people. His advice for beginners, textbook stuff really, watch what you eat and exercise regularly.

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Back then when I just started bodybuilding, they said I will quit going to the gym in the next 3 months. A year later, they said when I get out of from college and start going to work I won't be able to maintain my physique. And then when I'm working (a 9-6 job) they said I can't maintain a good physique once I get a little older… 6 years later (2014) when I got bulkier people told me that I won't be able to maintain my condition and size once I become a daddy… Today? they will probably say "wait till you __________ (fill up the blank) you won't be able to bla bla bla. . Lesson: When other people tell you that you can't achieve something, they are telling you based on their own limitations, not yours. . Stay fit. #dadbod

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Alex Chee

Brunei born, Malaysian raised Alex Chee always found it hard to gain weight, often a victim of bullying because of his appearance. It was during the time before dropping out of school, he found a deep passion for Fitness, often competing with other students on who could do more Push-Ups to see who was the fittest among them all. His motivation stems from his favourite anime character Naruto with a ‘Never Give Up’ attitude. His advice for beginners: you guessed it, Never Give Up.

Dennis Yin 

Dancer who rose to fame as the first runner up of the Malaysian version of hit competition series So You Think You Can Dance. Boy has he come far from those days. Dennis has dabbled in being a radio announcer, acting, fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur. Going to the gym and working out kept him in shape to juggle all of his endeavors. 

Faiz Ariffin 

Faiz Ariffin is a fitness enthusiast whom has been actively involved in the health and fitness industry since 2010. He has been pursuing his passion till this date where he has achieved a global recognition and has helped thousands of people to achieve their goal as well as motivating people through other social media platform. Recently Faiz Ariffin was also awarded by Malaysia Tatler for being part of the Generation T list. A list of top 50 young game changer in shaping Malaysia’s future and also Malaysia’s brightest and most promising individuals. An interview was also done with Astro Awani where Faiz shared his vision in wanting to change the way people think and approach towards health and fitness.

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hey guys! If you guys are free tomorrow do catch me on lazada platform as i will go live with team 💪 Do make time as there will be some cool stuff happening! ⠀ ⠀ On another note, would like to share my WIN today! ⠀ ⠀ My achievement for today 🔥 ⠀ ✅ Early morning start, 7am – 10k daily steps done. ⠀ ✅ Evening Session Arms workout done. ⠀ ✅ Amino Energy intra-workout booster for my session, checked. 👌⠀ ⠀ Today’s ARMS Workout Routine; light and easy day 📝⠀ 1. Rope attachment triceps extension 3sets of 12reps.⠀ 2. Straight bar cable pressdown 3sets of 12reps.⠀ 3. Ezbar biceps curl 3sets of 10reps.⠀ 4. Dumbbell alternating curl 3sets of 10reps.⠀ ⠀ Hope this give you guys some motivation and pumped to be a better version of yourself. 💯 #stayfit #optimumnutrition #teamON

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Terrence Teo 

Melaka born Terrence Teo has always been athletic since he was young. He used to represent Melaka for badminton, basketball and javelin throw and he was a top athlete in my school. During his early 20s, he went through a personal family issue that had a huge impact on him. A friend brought him to the gym one day, and that helped him to overcome his struggles and he channeled his focus on weight lifting. Weight lifting has built his confidence, determination and taught him to overcome the challenges in life.

Terrence is motivated to be the 1st Malaysian to qualify into Mr. Olympia, the top international bodybuilding competition won by legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman. It typically takes him around 3 to 4 months to prep for a competition. And it is not just about training and lifting weights every single day. Beyond that, what matters the most is his diet. 

He says “If you want to keep your body healthy and sustain your physique looking great for a long time, well, you will need to have the patience and dedication to keep working on it daily!” Adding to this “I did not get to where I am today overnight, but rather, it has been 15 years of training and over 5 years of competing in bodybuilding. Those years are not time wasted, they are my investment into my own self to keep improving on my craft.” We wish you all the best to hope to see you on the Mr Olympia stage Terrence! We’ll be rooting for you.


Kesavan started his fitness journey back in 2014 when he was 20 years old in a small apartment gym with a set of dumbbells and a bench. In 2015 he joined Celebrity Fitness Bangsar Village as a trainer to pursue my fitness dream of learning. Over there I did a lot of certification and became a certified personal trainer. From hobby it became a career!

He says “It’s very simple to stay motivated. You always have to think why you started this journey! This question comes into my mind everyday. And then I start working after my goals! His advise for beginners would be very simple, build a good foundation! Read more and watch more of fitness related videos about training, nutrition and supplementation. Knowledge is the key

Kit Mah

A Wellness & Fitness Ambassador – Speaker, Model, Actor and TV host. The Malaysian fitness model, who stands at 177cm tall and weighs 67kg, says that he was once teased for being skinny. As a teenager, he was made fun of for being smaller in size compared to girls of his age. That’s when he started working out to bulk up his body. “Is it wholly about trying to achieve the perfect physique? Not for me. I see the changes to my body as a positive, mental encouragement. This feeling has kept me driven in life,” concludes Mah.

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#throwback to March 2019. Didn't wanted to post this initially because I wasn't satisfied with this condition but then I got to remind myself this is my baseline so far for the year. . My current training regime has changed now and so did my protein intake to fuel recovery and in my attempt to lean bulk. . Regardless bulking or cutting I can definitely rely on ON whey protein to meet my protein requirements. . By the way, this is the final reminder for my giveaway. 3 tubs of ON Gold Standard Whey to 3 lucky winners who comment on my earlier post. Will be selecting the winners only tomorrow! So some time left! . Do remember to meet #TeamONMY at the 1st ever warehouse sales happening as well. There'll be fitness challenges, lucky draw & plenty of great deals there from 30th till 1st Sep only @optimumnutrition #OptimumNutritionMalaysia

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Sazali Samad 

The 50-year-old Johor-born Sazali has been named Mr Universe 10 times starting with Melaka in 2000, Moscow in 2004, Ostrava (Cech Republic) in 2006, Jeju (South Korea) in 2007, Dubai in 2009, Varanasi (India) in 2010, Melaka in 2011, Bangkok in 2012, Budaors (Hungary) in 2013 and Mumbai in 2014.

The four-time National Sportsman of the Year also captured nine Mr Asia titles: in 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2004, 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014.

Mike Mahen

Malaysian National Athlete | Mr. Asia Champion 2015 & 2016,2017,2018, Mr. World, Champion 2016,2017,2018 Men’s Athletic physique. personal trainer.

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It’s me different colours 💪🏾🇲🇾😁

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Luke Lango 

Founder @ USPC, Physiotherapist, Strength Coach, modernvisionofficial Athlete. Luke started his fitness journey when he was 15 years old. Back then during high school he was a tall, lengthy and skinny kid, he always frequent playing sports but because of his height and thin frame he was easily pushed around and often times bullied by his peers. Now, he says ‘It’s been almost 10 years since I started and I’ve continuously strived to improved my physique and performance in the gym at every chance I get.’

Here’s what he had to say on being motivated:
– I’m not gonna lie. Staying motivated even at the level I am can sometimes also be challenging. We just like everyone else who starts off also face difficulties with being motivated. We have bad days, we have stressful days, we have days when we’re just so exhausted   from work that we just don’t ‘feel’ like going to the gym. But there’s where discipline comes in, being disciplined is about doing what needs to be done long after the feeling of ‘motivation’ has left you. 

His advice for beginners:
If you’re not sure where, how or when to start. It’s simple, start now. Get a coach if you can (this will save you a lot of money and time in the end) if you can’t afford a coach, there are so many resourceful information available on the internet, just be sure to discern between what is actual science and what is bro-science (not actual science but advice passed around in the gym between lifters ) and more importantly, be consistent, you don’t have to start off with going to the gym everyday, start with 2-3x a week and slowly build up from there. Reach out to more experienced friends who know what they’re doing if you have any, ask them for advice.

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That concludes my competitions for this year. Did a bench press only meet, playground combine, and ended with body building. Came in fourth place for my 2nd body building show against a much much more stacked class compared to last year. Prepped so much hard this time around too. Definitely came in with a better condition than I did last year. I’m quite happy with the physique I brought but it wasn’t enough to secure top 3. Nonetheless , happy. • Big thank you to coach @mr.joelim and show day handler and sub coach @kevindoubleoh for their guidance throughout the whole prep. Couldn’t have done it without them. It was a right call getting a coach to prep me for this show instead of going solo. • Shown in the pic is me hitting my favorite classic pose but not completely nailing it. The abs needed to be tighter and rotation had to be better. Overall I now know what needs to be improved on and will continue to work on it harder on my off season. • Big thanks to everyone who wished me good luck, congratulated me and kept pushing motivating messages all through prep. You guys are awesome! • #MOS19 #IFBB

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Farah Ann Abdul Hadi 

4 Sea Games Gold Medalist and World cup Silver Medalist. She took up gymnastics at age three and started to compete at national level competition. Farah Ann can easily make a case for herself as one of the top national artistic gymnasts of our days: in the past two years alone, she has expanded her trophy shelf to include medals won at the Stella Zakharova Cup Ukraine and the FIG World Challenge Cup Slovenia. Her agility, skill and complex routines were most celebrated during the recent SEA games, where she was seen leaping and flipping her way to winning golds. 


Fitness Entrepreneur, TV Host, Wellness Celebrity Coach, Co-Founder L-Carnitine Spray

When Nana was in her early 20s, she suffered from depression as a result of feeling lost after graduating from university. She took a leap of faith and devoted herself to fitness—and it saved her life. “Fitness helped me discover my true self, unlock my true potential, and regain my self confidence,” she says. She exercises five to six times a week and her preferred method of training is weightlifting.

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STRESS = BELLY FAT GAIN 😫 Do you know that belly fat is a physical sign that something is going horribly wrong inside your body? And chronic stress is a primary cause of belly fat gain? HOW? 🤷🏼‍♀️ When you are under stress, your brain tells your adrenal gland to release the stress hormone cortisol which then trigger the release of energy from cells in the liver, fat, and muscle tissue in order to give your body the energy it requires to get you through a difficult situation. What happened when you are expose to short term stress⬇️ It will triggers the fight or flight response, causing a decrease in appetite and shutting down other “unnecessary” processes such as reproduction or tissue repair. What about long term exposure to stress⬇️ High cortisol levels lead to a series of changes in the body that make you gain belly fat & leads to dangerous health issues! Belly fat acts as an endocrine organ, doing all kinds of nasty things such as releasing inflammatory compounds that harm cells and compromise health, raising your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases. I will be sharing more on how we can tackle this issue in my next few postings. In the mean time, share with me, what causes you to “stress” and what is your game plan to reduce your stress. Judging from my recent body composition, I am definitely under a lot of stress and I too need to address it soon. My game plan? More meditation, more wholesome nutritious regular meals and block negative drama 👅 EAT WELL, GET ACTIVE & BE A BETTER ME

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Angeline Ong 

Yoga Teacher ° Cyclist ° Personal Trainer ° Blogger       

Ambassador: Nissan Reishi ° INVENTECH SOLUTION ° ToGoParts ° LOKKA
In her yoga practice, she focuses more on strength-based poses to create stability on your hips. Hips stability keeps you mobile in your day-to-day lives and a way to maintain a healthy body. Stability means pairing movement skill and strength to allow us to perform activities that we want, like running, hiking and etc. Yoga do train us a lot of the skill part but often lack on the strength used to accomplish the skill. Angeline says, ‘If we combine strength and skill, we will be able to achieve stability in every yoga poses. Stability is the master to create sustainability and longevity to our body movements.’

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Chakra – spiritual energy center within the human body, of which there are seven along the spine, and through the neck and the crown of your head. Understanding of the 7 chakras can enhance your life in surprising ways. Whether you’re trying to heal a specific wound, looking to improve your manifestation work with the Law of Attraction, or just hoping to boost your overall well-being, it pays to know more about the 7 chakras. Consider how to balance your 7 chakras most effectively. The 7 chakras in the body are distinct energy centers that start at the top of your head and end at the bottom of your spine. #bodyalignment #goodposture #Healthtips #weightlossjourney #bodytransformation #yogateacher #personaltrainer #cyclist #privateyogateacher #personaltrainer #femalebodytransformerspecialist #yogateacher #groupyogateacher #fitnessmodel #branding #girl #Cyclinglife #socialmedia #femalecyclist #cycling #IndoorCyclingInstructor #Roadbike #ANGELINEONGLIMIN #activity #adventure #malaysiablogger

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Jazel Lim 

Melaka born model known for winning FHM’s Girl Next Door competition in 2015. She is a social influencer, fitness enthusiast, petite emcee, fashion & beauty devotee. 


Pashini – an actress and a fitness enthusiast started her fitness journey when she won a game show called Vallavar on Astro back in 2016. It’s a game show that tests the endurance level both physically and mentally. She emerged victorious without prior sports background and that got her thinking that if she actually trained for it, how much stronger she would have been – she hasn’t looked back since. She stays motivated by setting goals and believes that you will not work as hard if there’s no goals to chase.

Her advise to beginners: Schedule your workouts, set a day for each body part so when you do skip one day then you’ll know that will eventually lead to an imbalance. Come up with fun plans and reach out to your friends to join you. Fitness isn’t seasonal, it’s a LIFESTYLE.

Joanna Soh 

Asia’s #1 Fitness Youtuber with 1.6 million subscribers with 150 million views and over 400 videos on the topics of fitness, nutrition, exercises and health tips.

Here’s what she had to say on how she started her fitness journey: ‘I used to be extremely inactive. It wasn’t until when I left home for college, that I had to be independent. Living on your own, not knowing how to cook, eating out constantly, sleeping late and just not really caring about my health led me to put on some weight. When I was introduced to the gym, I wanted to learn everything I could in order to improve my well being. I focused on my fitness, and eventually attained my personal training certification. Now, I truly find fulfillment in sharing my fitness journey and content online while inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves.’

What motivates her?
Knowing that what I do is making an impact and changing lives around the world. When I first starting sharing my workout videos online, my goal was really simple and it still is, I told myself, if just one person out there is watching and following my workouts, and as a result, they are transforming their body and lift to be healthier, more positive and happy, then, I will continue to do what I do.

My videos have inspired them to change, and as a result, their transformation is inspiring the people around them, their family and friends, to change as well. It’s incredible to think that this has a ripple effect.

Although, I may never have the opportunity to meet all my followers, but knowing that my fitness content are making a positive impact in their lives and surrounding, is what motivates me every single day.

Her advise for beginners: Take One day at a time. Every workout you do, every healthy meal you eat and every positive habit you practice on a DAILY basis, will shape the person you will eventually be. Make it Fun. If you absolutely hate going to the gym, then don’t! Keep trying different things and make it fun, because you should be looking forward to your workout, not dreading it!

Keep it Simple! Do a short 15-minute workout first thing in the morning from the comfort of your own home or even just set a goal of hitting 10,000 steps a day can be a good start.

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🙋‍♀️Ladies, can you relate to this? One day, you feel like a superwoman 💃 You have lots of energy, you’re progressing and seeing results, you feel good and your diet is going well. 😊 . The next day, you feel bloated, your tummy looks 2 inches bigger 😳 you lack in energy, moody and your craving is out of control.. You feel like you’ve wasted all your effort and hard work! 😩 . . It’s important for us to know that our body is unique and different compared to men. Our body changes every single week depending on our monthly cycle.. Instead of fighting against that, let’s learn to embrace the changes because we’ll have to deal with it for the rest of our lives. 😂 . Tune into your body, adjust your workout accordingly, allow yourself to be flexible with your diet and be kind to yourself.. ☺️ . . What are some of the changes you experience? Let me know in the comments below. . . . . . #fiolife #nevermissafioworkout #nevermissamonday #postworkout #postworkoutselfie #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #fitnessmodel #fitnessmodels #fitgirl #fitgirls #strongwomen #strongwoman #strengthtraining #strength #strengthandconditioning #beauty #innerstrength #innerbeauty

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Talitha Tan

Talitha Tan is a singer/songwriter and fitness enthusiast born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, known for her endearing personality and hauntingly beautiful voice that captivates everybody’s attention, and makes even the busiest soul sit and take notice.

Apart from her musical endeavors, Talitha is also an avid fitness buff, and is one of the foremost female parkour practitioners in the country, She has demonstrated her athletic prowess in full-length advertising campaigns for UNIQLO, Lee Jeans Malaysia along with a parkour video collaboration with FlipOut Asia. Talitha has also recently delved into acting; she often features in JinnyboyTV’s and a number of other YouTuber’s short films and skits. She also played a leading role in “Hey Orang Kita,” a four-part web series produced by Red Communication, with a full-length feature film aired on Astro First.

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@sneakerlah 💜

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Linora Low

Linora Low, a fun, bubbly, and high energy emcee/host based in Malaysia. Currently a DJ on AFORadio, she is also recognized as a familiar Under Armour and Optimum Nutrition athlete/fitness personality known for advocating health and fitness. With humble beginnings as a blogger and theater actress, Linora transitioned into the media world with an opportunity to work in the radio industry. With her infectious smile and energy , she is a highly sought after emcee that commands crowds by the thousands for events such as the Color Run, The Spartan Race, pre-hosting a Bon Jovi concert and much more. 

Just recently she added bikini athlete to her ever growing resume and she is also the co-founder of the healthy energy balls company Kapowballs. Linora has also been featured on Buzzfeed, Women’s Health, Natural Health, Astro Arena and many more.

Dara Yong Sophie 

On how she started her fitness journey: ‘When i was active in ice skating, i was offered a course to get certified as a personal trainer and i accepted this offer so that i could pay for my ice skating tuition fees. But during this course, it opened my eyes to the beauty of being healthy and fit and especially the process of getting there.

On what motivates her: Find a strong reason why you wanna do this & a solid target on your body goal. Keeping track of your small progress will remind you that you’re one step closer to your goal. Small progress is still progress.

Her advice to beginners: Remember that we will all reach the same destination doesn’t matter if you’re fast or slow, you cant fail if you never give up. Learn the benefits of being healthy and fit and you’ll find more reasons why you should drop the bad habits and make better choices in life. Staying consistent is very important and always eat right not eat less. Good luck to all.

Janell Tan 

On how she started her fitness journey:
I’ve always been active. I grew up playing all sorts of sports and have always been known as a sportswoman all throughout my schooling years.

On how she stays motivated:
Know your why. Your why is your reason, giving you a goal to work towards. If your why is strong enough, it will make you move.

Her advice for beginners:
Always start by looking inward. Understand why you have decided to embark on this journey, know your reasons. Whether it’s to become fitter, to look a certain way, it is important to be true to yourself. This gives you a clear cut goal to work towards. When it comes to actually doing the work, find a good coach, or a community. You need to create an environment for yourself that will enable you to learn and to grow. Some enjoy training alone, others prefer working out in a community. Find what works for you, and don’t be afraid to change things up if you feel the need to. Remember that change does not happen in comfort zones.

So what better way to kick start your 2020 fitness regime than following these fitness influencers that are surely going to give you a boost!