A Gin-gantic Affair at the Annual Gin Party in MariGin


MariGin Alliance Party Returns with a Steady Line Up of Participating Brands.


Look forward to a plethora of gin-gantic affair this coming 18 March as MariGin Gin Bar celebrates its first anniversary with the return of its highly anticipated MariGin Alliance Party Season Two, a gathering of a gin-gantic gin brands from all over the world in one venue at MariGin Gin Bar!

Living up to its expectation as your ultimate destination for the best gins for your traditional taste with some twist, the MariGin Alliance Party introduces its second season with an array of international gin brands from Japan, Australia, France, New Zealand, Italy and Germany.

For a gin enthusiast, this would be one gin-gantic affair one cannot miss out throughout the month at MariGin Gin Bar where each brand has its owned specialty concoction cocktail on the menu. Paired with Franklin & Sons, the official tonic partner of the MariGin Alliance Party Season Two – the tonics for your evening is known for their premium tonics and mixers made with sparkling Staffordshire water and natural sugar.


MariGin Ambiance

Patrons attending the MariGin Alliance Party Season Two will revel in specially crafted cocktails which features the following gin brands;

Roku; a craft spirit from Japan that’s made with six (Roku means six in Japanese) uniquely Japanese botanicals – sakura flower (cherry blossom), sakura leaf, yuzu peel, sencha tea, gyokuro tea and sansho pepper.

Brookie’s; inspired from the traditional English sloe gin style, ingredients are sourced from a sub-tropical rainforest that surrounds the distillery including 18 are native to the Byron Bay region in Australia.

Citadelle; France’s finest gin with an establish history is triple distilled from wheat and spring water.

Scapegrace; an artisan dry gin with a New Zealand slant is distilled at the foot hills of the ice capped Southern Alps of New Zealand.

Gin Agricolo Blagheur; a fine product of Italy it is a herbal scented gin with aromatic notes of cumin, coriander, mint and zedoary blended with the aroma of juniper.

Monkey 47; this German gin boasts a mixture of 47 botanicals which gives the spirit an intense aromatic complexity.


MariGin Specialty Cocktails

Commemorating the first anniversary celebration, MariGin Gin Bar introduces these fine gin brands into the menu for one month from 18 March 2020 with specially crafted cosmopolitan cocktails Kenshō by Roku, Gin Reimagined by Brookie’s, OMG by Citadelle, PsychoGin by ScapeGrace, Dolce Far Niente by Gin Agricolo Blagheur and Monkey in Business by Monkey 47.

To those who savour some twists in their classics, the Season Two is also introducing these on the menu Last Word by Roku, For Old Friend Sake by Brookie’s, The Twisted Martinez by Citadelle, 20th Century Limited by Scapegrace, Signor Negroni by Gin Agricolo Blagheur and Ready to Bramble by Monkey 47.

MariGin Alliance Party Season Two will be held on 18 March from 5pm. MariGin Gin Bar is located at One KL, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. It is open from 5.00pm to 1.00am from Monday to Saturday, where happy hours run from 5.00pm to 9.00pm. To make a reservation, please call +603 2386 6030 or email reservations@marinisgroup.com