Nike Air Force 1 & Air Max 98, now comes with tear away uppers.


Source: Sneaker News

Brand: Nike

Model: Air Force 1 and Air Max 98

Key Features: The Air Force 1 and Air Max 98 here feature tear-away uppers. Upon removing sections of the white textile and synthetic upper, various colors will reveal themselves underneath. You can peel back as much or as little as you want.


Source: Hypebeast

Release Date: Spring 2020

Price: TBC

Buy: and the Nike app

Editor’s Notes: Uppers are left to an exemplary white, however highlight inconspicuous accents, for example, modest scissor symbols and dabbed outskirts put along the Swoosh logos, in addition lower throat notations that read “Tear Here” radiating an instructional character. Bundled underneath it’s radiant outsides comes a remarkable inverse, as each panel substitutes with multi-hued vibrance by acquiring Summer-prepared tones of oranges, blues, reds, pinks, and greens spread all through. Also, the insole designs have been put with a collection of different question mark images, and the exceptional packaging uncovers the do’s and don’ts of how to appropriately remove it’s underlying layer. Simply brilliant!

You can tear away multiple sections of the upper to reveal mysterious new colors, as previewed in the photos above. According to Nike, the packaging for the sneakers comes with additional details on the customization options.