Next Week’s ‘Verzuz’ Battle: Nelly and Ludacris

Following Saturday’s soulful (and first all-female) battle between Erykah Badu and Jill Scott; Swizz Beatz and Timbaland appeared to confirm who’ll be participating in the following portion of their ultra-popular Verzuz series—none other than Nelly and Ludacris.

“Can we get that, Ludacris versus Nelly, can we get that next Saturday Timbaland,” Swizz Beatz asked Timbaland on IG Live. “Yes, we can get that. We got that,” Timbaland replied.

Obviously, the Twitterverse emitted following the news, with fans snappy to discuss who they accept will win the hypothetical matchup. The two 90s symbols have too much of hits, so their fight makes certain to be something worth tuning into next Saturday, when it’s required to go down. As one would expect, responses to the declaration ran from individuals getting overly nostalgic for a past period, to others straight up picking sides. Check them out below.