Crowns fit for social distancing KINGS

social distancing

Source: Business Insider

Most eateries have needed to change the manner in which they serve food to general society to hold fast to COVID-19 social distancing rules, and now Burger King have thought of their own particular method to set this up with their new 3-foot-long social separating crowns.

In case you’re comfortable with Burger King eateries, you will have certainly observed the popular cardboard crowns given out inside branches, however this new form—which rolled out this month in Germany—has been made much more extensive to keep clients from getting near one another.

“We needed to strengthen the principles of high wellbeing and cleanliness norms that the BK eateries are following,” Burger King disclosed to Business Insider. “The do-it-without anyone’s help social-separation crown was a fun and fun loving approach to remind our visitors to adhere to social distancing while they are appreciating food in the cafés.”

The new social distancing caps are collapsed and given out with takeaways in some German stores. Previews of certain caps were posted via social media for fans to get a decent look of what’s coming up:

This is just one of the intriguing moves by Burger King with regards to recent situations, with another ‘Social Distancing Whopper’ being presented in Italy. It appears that the establishment is doing everything it can to keep the world protected and positive, however nothing has been affirmed regarding whether they’ll be doing an overall rollout.

Cafes and restaurants around the world are coming up with inventive ideas post-lockdown. Some establishments have reduced the amount of seating available, while others opt to paint markings on the floor to keep customers separated.