Medicom Toy x Royal Selangor release BE@RBRICK.

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MEDICOM TOY is a native Japanese brand that represents considerable authority in making collectable toys and activity figures, established in 1996. MEDICOM TOY planned to make collectable bits of workmanship instead of customary toys, in this way their items are sold in restricted amounts. Their most famous line of toys is the BE@RBRICK arrangement, which is a progression of bear-formed figures engraved with various designs.

Since first appearing in Tokyo in 2001, the BE@RBRICK, a cartoon-like figure of a bear, has acquired international cult status. Released by MEDICOM TOY in a variety of materials and sizes, and with contributions from a host of international collaborators, the figure embodies the intersection of contemporary notions of art, style, design and fashion.

Medicom Toy and Royal Selangor have itemized a sparkly new “Golden” BE@RBRICK with intricate arabesque examples. This release follows a color shifting 400% Royal Selangor Arabesque “Magic” iteration revealed only two months back.

Traditional patterns cover the new figure completely, even down to its hands and feet. It’s a dynamic partner to the silver and pewter-toned variants from past releases. Similarly as finished as the past models, this figure was made by master craftsmen who have been practicing their customary hand-sculpting techniques since 1885. Talk about dedication to their craft!

The Special Edition 400% Golden BE@RBRICK ROYAL SELANGOR measures 28cm tall and weighing about 6 kilograms accompanies an eye-watering sticker price of RM4,100. On the off chance that you imagine that is costly, 100 people in Japan believes it’s chump change. The initial 100 pieces were sold out around the same time at their lead retail location MEDICOM TOY Plus at Omotesando Hills luxury shopping center in Tokyo. In case you’re intending to cop, visit any Royal Selangor store and be prepared to hack up 4 figures.