Plant-Based Tonkotsu Ramen by Ippudo launching in Japan

Tonkatsu Ramen

The well recognized red bowl with all-time popular Japanese ramen chain, Ippudo has unveiled its latest offering to bring a plant based Tonkotsu ramen to its already famous signature pork broth ramen. 

Ippudo is renowned worldwide for its acclaimed Tonkotsu ramen through its stores worldwide and has been a favorite by countless people. The rich and creamy pork-broth and just right noodle compliments each other with the toppings is enough to bring cravings to those who are a fan of it. 

Now, the ramen chain has decided to expand its menu to not just only meat loving customers but also vegetarian customers. Stepping away from its rich, creamy pork broths for the first time in brand history.

The latest release by the brand is the newly devised Plant-Based Akamaru and while other restaurants provide ramen in clear miso or soy broths. Ippudo has stepped up and plans to completely recreate the tonkotsu flavor and look from just using plant based ingredients. 

tonkotsu ramen

If that’s not amazing enough, the brand also aims to provide vegan diners with the same tasteful experience while providing the same experience and alternative to the original tonkotsu broth. Prior to that, Ippudo has also spent much time and effort in perfecting the recipe. It will be using the new Miracore technology where soymilk offers a similarly rich and creamy texture soup base. Not only that, the meatless broth will also be using porcini mushrooms and kombu soup stock to provide that umami factor in the new broth recipe. 

As we all understand, noodles is secondary in the eating experience. Ippudo has also created plant based noodles without eggs and containing whole grain flour while maintaining Ippudo’s Hakata straight and thin noodle style. 

For the toppings,

Special chashu topping made with wheat protein, sautéed mushrooms, and green bean paste. Its aimed to hold a familiar shape to the meat counterpart while also retaining the meat-like flavor. 

Ippudo’s new offering Plant-Based Akamaru will only be available in 44 Ippudo stores across Japan starting from 1st of February only for a limited time. If the plant-based ramen to be well received in the first round of release, rest assured that it would be expected to be expanded to its oversea branches.