“Angels” Exhibition by Robert Nava set to reveal Winged Figures artwork.

The New York City’s Vito Schnabel Gallery is working together in a solo exhibition of new paintings. Which is set to launch by the upcoming Brooklyn-based artist, Robert Nava. With the solo exhibition titled “Angels”, the artwork will be featuring multiple themes. In which the works would depicts winged figures mythological subjects and colored monsters. 

Robert Nava

Robert Nava, Gold Sky & Wind Angel, 2020

Nava’s approach to his artwork is undoubtedly interesting. He takes in a “carefully done wrong” method to his artwork and pieces. He creates his works by using acrylic, grease pencil, and spray paint. All in which is are interesting picks for art materials. 

With Nava’s recent artworks primarily drawing inspiration by ancient mythology figures. While also manipulating the forms of fabled figures. This helps to create a diverse collection of colorful creatures in his artworks.  

robert nava

Robert Nava, Cloud River Angel, 2020

With Nava, he doesn’t have a particular concept or narrative when in the midst of painting. It is only after the pieces are completed. Then the artwork of otherworldly creatures assume unique personalities that Nava intended.

“Within the boundaries of a single painting or between multiple works spread across his studio floor. The forces of rivalry and conflict erupt and dissolve not only among the depicted figures, but the modes of depiction themselves. Nava’s distinctive visual language is highly personal. It is picked from sources ranging from ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, and Mayan art, and prehistoric cave paintings. All the way to the powerfully symbolic mandala and such tropes of popular culture. Such as gaming imagery and fantasy genre movies.” said the gallery in a statement.

robert nava

Robert Nava, Asteroid Maker Angel, 2020

In “Angels”, the main subject is the angelic being that first appeared in a 2017 painting entitled Angelina Jolie Joan of Arc. ” As the title of the work suggests, Nava is fascinated by the ways of how history and mythology evolve over time. Where it shapeshifts to accommodate their eras and to redefine living individuals as timeless archetypes,” said by the gallery.

“Robert Nava: Angels” is set to run from 25th February until 17th April.

About the Artist

Robert Nava was born in 1985 in East Chicago, IN. He received his B.A. in Fine Art from Indiana University Northwest in 2008 and his M.F.A. in Painting from Yale University School of Art in 2011. Solo exhibitions of Nava’s work have been presented at Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Sorry We’re Closed, Brussels, Belgium; Pace Gallery, Palm Beach; and V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark. His work has also been included in group exhibitions at Jeffrey Deitch Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Carl Kostyal, Malmö, Sweden; and Safe Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, among others. Nava’s work is included in the permanent collections of The Art Institute of Chicago and the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami. Robert Nava lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.