Audi e-tron GT : Releasing on February 9


For those car enthusiast, Audi is no stranger in the motorsport world, with the all renown R8 that featured in many movies goes to show beauty is not limited to its performance. The car maker is unveiled its production series model of the e-tron GT on February 9.

 The e-tron GT is not without its competition. The Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan Turbo S both share similarities with the e-tron GT as they are all electric powered supercars. However, don’t be mistaken with the Taycan’s given “Turbo” as it’s still an all-electric car.


The Taycan Turbo S and the e-tron GT will be built on Porsche’s existing J1 platform and will also be built on the production lines that gave us the iconic R8. The e-tron GT will follow closely to the prototype’s overall look with its short overhangs and long wheelbase.

 However, there’s not much that is known about the soon to be released e-tron Gt. Based on the concept models, it’s expected that it’ll be using the same dual-motor drivetrain as the Taycan Turbo S. The drivetrain is cable of producing 589 horsepower or with the choice of over-boost, putting down a hefty 637 horsepower to its wheels. 


The prototype RS version, which is the company’s high performance private subsidiary is capable of getting from 0-60mph in a neck breaking 3.5 seconds. Talk about high performance, the RS prototype version is no slouch either, as it puts it in the competition with other supercar brands. 

Audi also has released a small photoshoot of the RS e-tron GT on a snowy mountain, giving fans a teaser of the upcoming model. That’s not all, the Head of Audi Design, Marc Lichte also shared his experience on working on the upcoming electric sports car through an interview.