Play and stream classic Atari Games with Plex Arcade

With the current pandemic hitting cities all over the world and affecting the usual working hours. With the sudden changes that necessary to curb the infection numbers from skyrocketing, it’s quite necessary to work from home. That change which is quite needed and also doable with the advancements on the internet and platforms that allow working from home possible. 

And ever since the need to adapt is implemented, working hours are also getting more flexible ever since. That leaves quite a lot of time to the person naturally. With that much time available in one’s hand and naturally not going out too often anymore, it’s only natural to be compelled to revisit back the Atari games that we grew up with. 

Plex, the streaming service has now introduced its gaming services with Plex Arcade. This new implementation is quite an interesting leap as the platform which previously offered live TV, various series and shows, movies, and podcasts. If retro styled games is a choice of yours, Plex Arcade is offering 27 retro games with familiar titles from the Atari 2600 and Atari 7800 platform. Titles include Centipede, Missile Command, Food Fight and more here to find out.

Amazingly to access this retro gaming world, it’s available to access through your smartphone, web browser, or even Apple TV. Making it a very flexible and convenient since it only requires a Chrome browser to run it. There’s quite an amount of flexibility that’s also offered as for players whom already has an existing library of retro games, they’re able to add it to their own Plex Arcade library.


For the pricing, current Plex Pass subscribers just needs to add on another RM12.40 to their current subscription to be able to access the Arcade category. Meanwhile, for new subscribers, they’ll be charged RM19.90 monthly with the option to cancel anytime. There’s also a seven-day free trial being offered now.