Hyundai and Apple in talks of Electric car

Big car brands slowly shifting from the petrol combustion engine to electrical vehicles. Such as Nissan with the Leaf, Honda’s Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid which has no news that it’ll be available in Malaysia. However, it’s still just a matter of time until the EV (Electric Vehicles) market to hit Malaysia. Norway has been leading the EV usage and it’s admirable to see that happen. 

EV across the globe is taking off quite rapidly as Tesla which specializes in producing EV’s is also slowly gaining momentum in other nations. Hence, increasing the popularity of EV and also providing environmental consciousness. 


Apple, Hyundai and EV?

With the recent rumors of Apple entering the EV, it was quite a news that no one was expecting. Nevertheless the rumors are finally beginning to become real as the tech giant, Apple was reportedly able to finalize contracts with Korean carmaker, Hyundai. 

Based on sources, the deal is apparently worth around ₩4 trillion won (approx. $3.5 billion USD). Hyundai also expected to help Apple with the EV manufacturing in its assembly plant in West Point, Georgia.

 When can we expect it?

Sources are suggesting that there could be delays but it’s said that the production of the EV will be scheduled in 2024. Not too long for now, and it’s really exciting to see what is it to expect in the EV as Apple is quite known for simplistic but elegant designs as seen in the latest iPhone 11 which brings back the boxy design language found in the iPhone 4. 

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo have also spoken up about what the so-called “Apple Car” could be built based on Hyundai’s very own E-GMP platform. According to him, the vehicle is expected to launch as early as 2025, and be targeted at the higher end of the market.

As of now, Apple and Hyundai has not officially confirmed any details but it’s definitely a news worth keeping an eye on.