NEXVOO’s Transparent Smart Mask Self-Sanitizing UV light and Micro-Fans


As we are still in the middle of the pandemic, there’s so many things that has to be done differently with your mask. A new normal is needed as to prevent the spread of the virus. Wearing masks is a new normal, and it’s not that difficult as public health is at its utmost importance for the country to go back to its usual operating ways. 

Many of us are wearing 3-ply disposable surgical masks as it is one of the most effective in preventing droplets, sprays and splatters in which the COVID-19 viruses are able to thrive and infect more. However, wearing it for extended period of times can be uncomfortable due to the moisture build-up in the mask. The thought of removing a mask while in public is definitely quite daunting seeing how easily the virus is able to spread and infect. 

NEXVOO’s BREEZE transparent smart mask

Consumer health and technology brand, NEXVOO has introduced a new product which is expected to provide more comfort and safety to the user and the people around them. Its BREEZE transparent smart mask is designed to protect the user with the N99 rated filters which is able to filter out up to 99% of particles in the air. 

That’s quite a great feature to have itself but it gets better. The transparent mask, fitted with two silent micro fans helps to circulate air with one being an intake fan and an outlet fan. Additionally the fan also comes with 3 speed to fit the user’s natural breathing timing. 

The BREEZE mask also features a clear shield covering with a smart self-sanitizing system that uses a built-in sanitizing UV-C light. It’s quite pleasant to see that all these small innovations which keeps its users comfort in mind without compromising on the safety. 

NEXVOO’s BREEZE Transparent mask is now available on the manufacturer’s website for $80 USD (RM326) where it comes along with 30 pieces of N99 level filters and a micro-usb charging cable.