PETA Approved Vegan Watch concept in Kickstarter

As the years progress, trends progress the same as well. With that, the need to satisfy and accommodate people who hold values different from us also is vital. As veganism is gaining traction all over the world, due to the understanding that the meat industry emits the same amount of greenhouse gases as all the vehicles in the world combined is quite a startling finding. Due to that, it’s understandable on the person’s choice to convert to consuming more vegetables or a diet entirely of plants. 

Vegan Watch Concept

Now, it’s not really known that well about vegan products but you may be surprised. As of today, there’s a variety of everyday products that are vegan. The product list tend to be quite long but some examples are candles, wines and many more. Essentially, vegan products are products that must not contain or be treated with any animal products.

Of equal importance, Objest, a London based design studio has just launched a PETA approved vegan watch on Kickstarter. The watch, called the Hach V will be sporting a strap, made from apple skins, which aligns with the animal free theme. Objest is also taking it a step with donating 10% of the profit of the Hach V collection to World Land Trust, FRIEND and The Farm Animal Sanctuary as an effort for conserving the environment and animal sanctuaries. 

The Hach V definitely looks gorgeous as the minimalistic design comes with a concave dial with polished hour markers. The watch will be using an ETA 2824 automatic movement with hard sapphire crystal for its front and back and is coated with a diamond-like carbon which gives it a matte finish. In addition, the watch will also feature a lugless case, adhering to the simplicity design.

 As of now, the Hach V is on Kickstarter and if you are interested with, click here. The watch is priced at 3 stages, first release USD 445 (RM 1804), second release USD 515 (RM 2088), and the third release being at USD 528 (RM 2140).