Razer’s Huntsman V2 Analog comes with a big feature


Gamers are quite familiar with the brand Razer. Known for its plethora of gaming peripherals and its participation in e-sports, they’re a brand that is surely to excite with the new products that it has lined-up for release. 

We’re all quite surely to know the brand as in recent years, gaming peripherals are becoming a lot more popular. Due to the attractive nature of bright color changing LED’s which Razer has as well, under the Chroma RGB branding, durable and long lasting items. Their offerings is pretty sure to entice gamers alike. 

The Huntsman V2

Razer is no slouch in the innovation department to provide their fans with the best technology which would ultimately improve the playing style and experience. However, the technology used in the Huntsman V2 isn’t a new innovation. Instead, a company has beat the mega gaming brand to it with the Wooting One. A keyboard which mimics a controller. 

The technology in Huntsman V2 which utilizes optical switches which supports adjustable actuation, the amount of movement or pressure for the switch to register a press which is both present on The Wooting One is quite similar as in the Huntsman V2. 

In the Huntsman V2, the adjustable actuation is able to be customized via Razer proprietary’s Razer’s Synapse software. The best feature about this tech is the fact that keyboards are usually an on/off in key actuating can be customized to mimic a controller joystick. This means that with a joystick, a slight push forward which would allow the character to walk can be done on the keyboard as well due to the customizable key actuators. Click here to learn more about the Huntsman V2.

As of now, the Huntsman V2 will be retailing exclusively on its website for $250 (RM1,016) and will be available from February 9th onwards. Razer includes Doubleshot PBT keycaps which surprisingly is said to wear better over time and a soft RGB wrist rest which can be magnetically attached to the keyboard.