TikTok now able to use UMG’s full music catalog


There’s been quite a lot of controversy surrounding the China owned video sharing social networking platform. Due to it being seen as one of the forefront in trend setting as in 2020, trends such as “Random Things That Just Make Sense”, “Famous Relative Check” and honestly, quite a number more trends. It’s also one of the fastest growing app since its release in 2016 and as of October 2020, the app has already garnered more than 2 billion mobile downloads worldwide. 

With this in mind, we can only wonder what makes this app so popular. If you used the app, or even watch compilation videos of a certain trend, you might be able to understand why it is so addictive. There’s quite a lot planning put into the app. One of it is the algorithm which is quite important I would say since it has a lot to do with the suggestion system. The suggestion system is basically curating your feed to show videos that you may like and other potential videos too. This is possible with user interactions, video information and device and account settings. If you are interested to learn more about it, click here

Universal Music Group’s full music catalog?

Around 3 months ago, TikTok has signed a deal with Sony Music allowing the platform to use music from them in the application. Similarly with Universal Music Group as well. The agreement is referred to as an “expanded global alliance” which will allow TikTok users to use music from UMG. All while also providing artists and songwriters “equitable compensation.” A pretty good deal I would say, seeing that all parties will benefit greatly from the high user traffic app. On another note, the agreement will also be launching “exciting new features” too.

“This alliance sets an industry-wide example of social media companies acknowledging, respecting and compensating the music creators whose songs are instrumental to their platforms. We appreciate TikTok’s partnership and look forward to working together to provide support and opportunities to our songwriters,” said Marc Cimino, COO of UMG.