Expanscape : 7-Screen Aurora Prototype Laptop in the making


The philosophy at Expanscape consists of 3 U’s. Utilitarian, Uncompromising and Unconventional. All the 3 U’s mean quite a lot as it is built by the founders to recognize “the importance of renewable, user maintainable technology and reconcile the enforced premature obsoletion and reduced utililty endemic in the current technology sphere.”

Pretty fancy I would say, but quite interesting as well. The not mainstream London based company is no stranger to innovations. The company’s quirky offering is small but impressive. Expanscape has a small portfolio of their offerings as of today, they only have 2 products but it gets pretty wild, a world’s first dual screen portable server called The TeenyServ Duo.

The Aurora 7 prototype

Now, before diving into this, Expanscape runs on a 3 U’s philosophy and it hits all of it with their Aurora 7 Prototype. First of all, this beast of a workstation features 7 screens. Which is pretty insane since it’s all compacted into a portable design. However it doesn’t share the familiar slim construction designs of laptops we see today. It however features a design that is quite familiar to those coming from sci-fi movies. Also to note, as of now the Aurora 7 weighs a hefty 12 kilograms but they’re in the process of slimming down to reach a max weight of 10 kilograms. 

Powering this beast is an Intel i9 9900K which is quite a powerful processor since it is able to be overclocked up to 5GHz. Additionally paired with 64GB worth of RAM. Perhaps it’s the best combination so far power to performance when it comes to the Aurora 7. If you’re curious about the specification on it, click here.

The Aurora 7 was actually set out to be a “proper” portable Security Operations Center as said on the description. However, it’s a machine that is able to fit many roles. It would definitely fit the likes of DevSecOps, content creators, data scientists, cybersecurity, and day traders, those who need the performance and mobility. 

The prototype is still in the midst of works and improvements as the company wants to fulfill a list of requirements before putting it into production. The list can be found here.