Limited Astronomia Solar Zodiac Black at $320,000

Precious time pieces are timeless, as the designs would never get old, luxurious and premium materials are usually the common themes. Imagine wearing a solar system on your wrist. Now, that is something different and quite a sight to behold. Jacob & Co‘s Astronomia Solar Zodiac fits that and it’s really a one of a kind timepiece as it combines creativity and luxury together really beautifully. 

Jacob & Co. is no stranger to the luxurious timepiece industry as the company has designed many creatively and amazingly intricate timepieces. Head here to view their website. The company also utilizes many precious gemstones and premium materials in their products which thus justifies the prices. Since you won’t just be paying for the premium materials but also the creativity and craftsmanship.

The Astronomia Solar Zodiac Black


Just by looking at the watch, it’s quite an impressive feat as the Astronomia Solar Zodiac Black features a sort of universe in the watch. Enclosed under the sapphire crystal is the design’s telltale rotating three-arm carousel serving as a mount. Which serves as homes to the 60-second flying tourbillon, 60-second rotating rose gold, and blue lacquered globe, and three other hand-painted planets. With self orienting dials for hours and minutes. 

In the center of the time piece, sits the sun, which is imagined with a 2k Jacob-cut yellow citrine. Along with 288-facets which almost looks like a perfect sphere. Quite a feat in creating almost 300 facet points on a small gemstone. Not forgetting the planets, it’s represented with using half-spheres of semi-precious stones. White Granite for Mercury, Rhodonite for Venus, Red Jasper for Mars, Pietersite for Jupiter, Tiger Eye for Saturn, Blue Calcite for Saturn, and Lapis Lazuli for Neptune. 

The incredible timepiece is housed in a 44mm DLC-coated titanium case with sapphire crystal windows forming somewhat of a dome. Additionally, this limited 18 piece run will set you back $320,000 USD for those who are collectors of limited and luxurious timepieces.