Maradona’s Limited Run Porsche 964 WTL Cabriolet to be auctioned


As the years are passing at a very quick fashion, automobiles value are also increasing. The older it is and it being a limited run is the perfect recipe for a high auctioning price. However, for this case, the car on auction is a limited run Porsche 964 which was owned by the late Diego Maradona. With that, being owed by the late Maradona itself is an amazing thing. 

That however isn’t the full story to it. The Porsche 964 is also a highly prized and iconic run of the Carerra line of the Porsche brand. One of the other most remembered car to roll out by Porsche under the similar Carerra name is the Carerra GT. As the Carerra GT is hailed as one of the best due to the advanced technology and development of its chassis, it shows in its performance. As similar to the Porsche 964 it is also a limited run production.

Only 1,200 were ever made


Maradona took possession of the then-new Type 2 Carrera 2 WTL (Works Turbo Look) back in November 1992. AS of date, only 1,200 of that model was ever made during a two-year production run. The car, which looks almost brand new has clocked almost 75,000 miles (120,000 km), which would mean that lots of care and love was put into its maintenance and looks. 

With that, the auction house, Bonhams described the car to be “practically original”. The Porsche is carrying its original 250bhp 3.6-liter Carrera 2 engine with a top speed 124mph (200km/h). Pretty impressive for a cabriolet made in 1992. Not only that, to be described as “practically original”, it retains its beautiful silver paint job and slick black leather interior as well. 

The Porsche is Expected to sell for €150,000 – €200,000 EUR (RM 734,535 – RM 979,380), a pretty hefty sum and also Maradona’s Porsche is part of the Les Grand Marques Du Monde à Paris Sale that is set to begin on March 3rd.