Titleist sub-brand Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putters

scott cameron

Everyone loves sports, whether it being soccer, football or even golf. Sports provides us with that little time for ourselves and also some healthy competition to blow off some steam. The interesting thing is that with lots of research and development, equipment gets better. In return, the player’s performance also increases. Now, that is rather helpful if you’re wishing to perform better with the necessary skills and mechanics of a sport. 

As we all have heard and understand that the smallest things can become great things. That is particularly true since small breakthroughs, when incorporated to the design and functionality, often times the results are also small to see but it’s enough to affect the player’s performance. Take for example, the core of a bowling ball. The core needs to be designed in a specific manner that it distributes weight differently and based on player’s playing style. 

The Phantom X 5 & 5.5

If you’re interested in golfing, Scotty Cameron’s Phantom X 5 & 5.5 under the Phantom X line, would definitely be of interest. The subsidiary company from the Titleist is no stranger to the golfing community as it has been around since 1932. Making the brand to be recognized by both casual and professional players. 

The Phantom X 11 and Phantom X 11.5 which was recently developed superseded the Phantom X 12 and 12.5 models with a more compact framework. All new Phantom X is designed with the demand of additional condensed universal head sizes, stylish swept-back wings, and more tour-like shapes. Additionally, the clubs is also designed to reduce face rotation by mixing a single “mid-bend” zero in on the target line. In the Phantom X 5.5, it makes use of the small slant neck made with its smooth shaft-over layout.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X is currently priced at $430 USD (RM1737) and would be available on March 26 at all Titleist authorized golf shops.