Yoon Hyup creates vibrant new abstract collection

yoon hyup

Over the years, art has gone through many changes in its form all the way to how it is meant to be interpreted. From its place in history, it was thought to be as a transmission for religious purpose. The connection between art and religion then was synonymous as in certain traditional societies, art still remains its primary known purpose. With that, it also serves as commemoration of an important event back when photography is still yet to exist.

As its history may vary based on different societies and cultural notions, it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s a means of recording visual data. However with the passage of time, art has also evolved. Naturally, as people begin to grasp new ideas, the art that is created also changes. With the changes in society and culture, many new forms of art is also created which makes way to a more diverse and rich art heritage. 

“While You Sleep”

New York City-based artist, Yoon Hyup has released a new set of artworks commemorate his latest solo exhibition at Hong Kong’s AISHONANZUKA gallery. The exhibition called “While You Sleep,” features strangely soothing and vibrant abstract paintings of cityscapes through his signature line and dot styling. The new exhibition is a step away from Hyup’s nature-themed paintings as well. 

A highlight from the exhibition is a set of four vertical canvas pieces (Sound of Friday 10, Slowly, Diamond Sky, Tomorrow). The highlight is quite interesting, as it is Hyup’s attempt to merge different places while challenging the concept of time. 

“In his work, Yoon Hyup freely uses lines and dots to draw a minimalistic landscape from a unique perspective. Components of various cultures, he has experienced, are strongly reflected in his works,” said the gallery in a statement. “The rhythm and improvisation in music, the flexibility & radical perspective in street culture are some of the creative inputs that transform into lines, dots, ‘rhythms’ and colors in his works,” added the gallery. 

If you are interested with the artworks, the installation views are available through AISHONANZUKA’s website. It will be on view until March 6.