McDonald’s revamps their packaging


McDonald’s is a very big player in the fast food industry and it goes to show. The fast food brand has also sponsored many events and notably the 2016 Rio Olympics. The company has also a list of projects that it has done to give back to the communities and that is pretty good conscience. 

However, McDonald’s isn’t just that, the company is also on the forefront in utilizing recyclable materials for their packaging. The company is also in hopes to fully be fully recycling their packaging by 2025, which is not too far from now. In addition, it would seem as a herculean task as the fast food giant has more than 38,000 stores worldwide and we’re all in hopes for that happening in the near future. 

With that, McDonald’s packaging has seen its fair share of creativity in their packaging as well. As seen with the McBike which is focused on bike centric countries but is yet to be debuted. These small but notable packaging designs as well as on package designs are creative yet familiarly McDonald’s. 

A playful new package design 


Partnering with Pearlfisher, the fast food giant is set for a redesign in their food packaging worldwide. The new packaging is sure to bring up playfulness and joy in their creatively minimalistic with bold graphics. 

The packaging redesign is McDonald’s effort to head a different direction from the all prominent on pack messages while not forgetting what makes us visually happy that we all can imagine from their all-time favorite menu. 

All-time favorite Filet-O-Fish has fun blue waves, melting cheese to show the cheesy goodness on the Quarter Pounder with Cheese package and an adorable yellow plot on a white packaging to depict it’s egg for the Egg Mcmuffin. 

The revamped designs aren’t only the things that the partnership is focusing on but also taking into consideration McDonald’s efforts to use recycled materials for their packaging.