Care for our mental health

Mental health awareness has been going around for some time now but it’s really an issue that really needs to be taken a look at. As the current situation with the ongoing pandemic situation, mental health can be expected to be on the decline as the actions that were put into place are going against the norms of how humans socialize and instead have to take interactions to digital.

It’s also quite expected to see that with the change of interaction styles, coping towards the new norms will be an obstacle. With that, there’ll also be more mental health issues, such as depression and suicides. There’s definitely factors that impact this as earning power is also expected to reduce during this pandemic period as well as the regulation that are put in place. 

Suicide at an all-time high

mental health

A report by the Relate Mental Health Malaysia, official government data shows that 512 youths committed suicide in 2019. It’s also noted that 74.3% of the suicides were of young men. When it comes to suicide, often times there’s a lot of pressure on the individual both emotionally and socially and no proper manner to express himself. 

Often times, which in turns may lead to suicide and it’s an action that doesn’t just affect the families but also on communities, societies and the nation with a loss of manpower and income for families, employers and the government,” said on the report. It is particularly saddening as no one would want to go through the pain of losing someone without understanding the person’s mental health state. 

As the current situation is, there needs to be more proactive solutions and services for those who are going through this as Relate Malaysia founder and clinical psychologist Dr. Chua urges that the policymakers address the situation and to take action against the rising cases. 

There will be some that will need help but may be unsure on how to get the help, you can call Befrienders KL at 03-7956 8145, or 04-281 5161/1108 in Penang, or 05-547 7933/7955 in Ipoh or email