NVIDIA reduces Crypto Mining Speeds on the RTX 3060


NVIDIA has been quite a big player in the graphics industry and is now gaining popularity in the crypto mining community. Now, the history with NVIDIA is a rich one and it’s not being crowned as the go to graphic card vendor not for nothing. The current generation of graphic cards has improved exponentially as the latest RTX 3080 is able to run new gen games at an insane 8K at up to 60fps and 4K at 120fps. That is rather unthinkable as rendering games at 8K is made possible due to its computing power and the use of new technology. 

There was a time where gaming in high definition was the talk around town but with the RTX line, the entire playing field just took it a whole step forward. Now, with the RTX 3060 is no slouch as it is also utilizing new technology as well sporting 12GB of VRAM. More than sufficient I would say for basic 1080p gaming but essentially would ensure faster and better performance. 

Good news for gamers

When NVIDIA released the GeForce 30 series, the graphic cards were sold out instantly which made them way too those who are in the crypto mining community as has more than enough hashrates. Essentially, hashrate impacts the speed at which new coins can be mined. NVIDIA now is introducing a new driver software that’s able to algorithms used in Ethereum mining and cut down the card’s hash rate by half which is hoped to separate the mining community and the gaming community in the demand of the graphic card. 

Furthermore, the company has also announced a new lineup of Crypto Mining Processors (CMPs) where it is designed for crypto mining. The CPMs would not have any graphic capability as it’s specifically designed to optimize mining performance.

A statement from the company says that “With the launch of GeForce RTX 3060 on Feb. 25, we’re taking an important step to help ensure GeForce GPUs end up in the hands of gamers.” That is a great step as it separates the two community to ensure enough GPUs are available for the gaming community and also a new line for CMPs.