TikTok countering “proana” : Eating disorders


Tiktok is a treasure trove of information and content. Adding with the sophisticated algorithm that allows users to view content that is closest to their interest, its ability to connect people with various kinds of content is limitless. The video sharing company is also aware of the content that’s on the application and it’s refreshing to see an active effort to help those that are on the app. 

With such a massive user base, it’s really no surprise that unhealthy content would appear on TikTok. Now, the recent issue that TikTok is handling is on eating disorders where videos of people eating ice chips, sleeping all day to avoid eating, and fasting for days can be seen. It’s a real problem as trends, regardless of it being a healthy one or otherwise can always pave the way to more people following the trend. 



It’s a really good sight to see when TikTok is partnering with National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) where it’s raising awareness of eating disorders while also implementing two new features that aimed to provide resources and support to those who are suffering from eating disorders. 

How it works is that TikTok will detect certain terms such as “proana” which is short “pro-anorexia”, will now be shown to support resources with NEDA’s number. As of now, it only shows the number for people to contact this disorder. With TikTok’s new interface, it would be able to show users advice on how to deal with an eating disorder.

The trending company also has plans to put PSA on hashtag pages that could potentially contain triggering content, like the page for #WhatIEatInADay to further widen the amount of users to combat this disorder. It’s quite admirable but also necessary as there are so many trends and some of it are bound to be unhealthy. What better way to be a part of the change than to provide vital information for those who are suffering from it.