Time for Colekt


Right now, skincare has come a long way. Essentially everyone has their own skincare routines and not with the abundance of brands and variety of offerings, everyone is able to enjoy the benefits of having good skincare routines and results. 

What’s more is the upcoming trend of vegan skincare and truth to be told, it’s refreshing to see more options to include different markets and preferences. With the brand marketed as being vegan, you can be rest assured that the products do not contain any animal products nor is it being processed with any animal by products.

Colekt Selfcare

Riding the new vegan trend, Colekt which is a Swedish brand is proud to call itself with its vegan and genderless approach in their products. The flexible part of it being genderless is that it would appeal to both men and women. Now, Colekt has fairly small offerings in their product line up but it is nonetheless quite exciting with its descriptions and ingredients. 

Currently the brand can be seen under three categories, with it being fragrance, skincare and bodycare. Their fragrance line as of now has three with Persona, Void and La Chambre. The fragrance is a mix of both vegan and natural ingredients. The Persona fragrance is described as warm and floral with notes of lime blossom, mock-orange and lilac high. Void however has an earthier profile to it with notes of rhubarb and mint, citruses and warm basil, minerals and dry wood high. Whereas La Chambre features a clean, spicy but milky scent with ingredients such as pink pepper and lavandin contrasted by osmanthus, cardamom and oakmoss.

The fragrance line itself is already quite interesting but it gets better with their skincare Retake facial cleanser. The skincare provides a detoxing and refreshing experience with natural surfactants, vitamins and antioxidants to keep your skin healthy. For their body care line, their upcoming release Redux, a Mallow Leaf hand balm is a real delight, as it is both nourishing and moisturizing to the skin as it contains natural betaine, plant extracts and antioxidants. 

If you’re interested, click here to take a look at Colekt’s product offerings and in line with their sustainable efforts, each item is packed with sustainable recycled packaging too.