Vaccines to be distributed in stages

As the nation starts its recovery process from the pandemic, there’s still quite a lot that the government of the day has to do. While the recovery process, efforts to restart the economy will be another obstacle that needs to be looked into while also keeping cases to the minimum. It’s quite significant that vaccination against the COVID-19 virus protects us from its effects and also attains a collective immunization. 

Even with the development of the vaccines, it’s not the one step solution for the virus. Since there are reports of the virus mutating into a more aggressive strain is also important. As collective immunity is hoped to reduce the infection rates thus also reducing the chances of it mutating. 

Three phase immunization program


Malaysia has begun the immunization program. Which has started two days earlier than the scheduled 26 Feb. The program will expect supplies of vaccines to be distributed to the Vaccine Administration Centre (VAC) during the stages. All based according to the amount of people needing it and also based on the time suitability. 

The vaccine, which is produced by Pfizer-BioNTech is particularly temperature sensitive and has a certain shelf life. Those which will need special care and attention. All these to ensure the quality of the vaccine said by A’tia Hashim, Director of the Ministry of Health’s Pharmacy Practice and Development Division. She also added that the vaccines should be stored within the temperature range of -90°C to -60°C.

“When sent or picked up by VAC, the vaccine will be transferred to a cold box with a storage temperature of 2°C to 8°C and then placed in a top loading freezer with the same storage temperature upon arrival at the center,” A’ita said to Bernama. 

A’ita also added that the same distribution procedure will also apply for the vaccine supplies in rural or remote areas.