Two different needles? MOH clears up conspiracies

There was quite a controversy when Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin received the Pfizer BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine. Where in the video it appeared to show 2 different needles before the vaccine was administered. However, before going into conclusions and the conspiracy theories of the different needles, it’s only fair to do some research on it. 

While there are a lot of comments of the change in needles and it somehow became a focus of the public, the Ministry of Health (MoH) has emerged to clear up the potential misinformation or fake news that may have been going around. 

Two different purposes


Now, the MoH explained that the different color needles serves different purposes. Since extracting the vaccine from its vial requires a bigger bore needle (blue) to allow it for smoother extraction. While a smaller bore needle (red or orange) is used when administering the vaccine. All in which to reduce discomfort and bruising to the recipient. 

“The different colour needle means different bore size. The needle used to aspirate from the vial is bigger in size (blue) to ensure smooth extraction. Smaller bore size needles (red or orange) are for inoculation to ensure less pain and bruising,” the MoH explained. “Importantly, the vaccine drawn from the vial and given to the patient is unchanged,” they added. 

It’s also extremely important to be sure of any information before proceeding to share it since the likeness of conspiracies coming up from unclear news and information. Since it could be detrimental towards the citizen when there’s a divide of beliefs and understanding. From the needle color conspiracy itself a few conspiracy theories manage to appear such as vaccines containing microchips to monitor the average citizens. 

However, due to that, of how conspiracy theories appear and develop, it has forced the government to address these issues directly to the public. Essentially to clear up and reduce confusion on what is supposed to be believed in and factual.