Modular back in trend again?

When Google announced its Project Ara, its modular phone project. That was really exciting news as repairing is finally in the hands of the consumer. While also bringing the option of upgrading parts of the devices that matter the most to the user. All while making it an amazing concept since those with photography interests are able to swap out the camera module with a better option. 

Modular items aren’t new to the market however. Motorola popularised the modular concept with clip on modular accessories with their then high-end smartphone Z line. When thought about it, a simple phone with the capability to change according to when it’s needed. The modular accessories itself would make the phone excel in areas when it’s needed the most. 

Fairphone instead managed to create modular phones all while implementing their efforts in preserving the environment. It’s interesting to see the ability to repair and upgrade is at the hands of the consumer and also doing their part in sustaining the environment. 

Enter Framework 


While the concept of modular phones are still relatively new, it does show a lot of promise. Additionally it would be great to have an alternative when deciding on a device to purchase while also playing a part of caring for the environment. 

Framework, founded by former Oculus engineer Nirav Patel is looking to change the wasteful cycle of tech. As it introduces us to the “Framework Laptop”, a completely modular and repairable laptop. Which is new in the laptop department since most parts in a laptop are usually non-replaceable and upgradable. 

The Framework Laptop’s components of the computer, the hard drive, memory, Wi-Fi modules, display, battery and keyboard are replaceable while being fitted with industry-standard sockets. Not only that, 13.5-inch laptop is constructed of 50 percent post-consumer recycled aluminium. Also up to 30 percent post-consumer recycled plastic and packaged in recyclable packaging. Making it quite an environmentally conscious concept as well. 

As of now, Framework hasn’t released the pricing for its Framework Laptop. If you’re interested, click here at Framework to learn more of it.