Be a part of University Malaya’s (UM) future development and sustainability

University Malaya (UM) will be starting the bidding of exclusive vehicle registration plates on March 8. The exclusive plates will feature the all-time known initials linked to Malaysia’s oldest university ‘UM’. The university ranked 59 in the Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings (QS-WUR).

Making it one of the 5 Malaysian universities to be ranked among the world’s top 200 universities. A great feat I would say. While University Malaya has quite a history in politics and the exposure is essential for the development of both the student and university alike. With that, many would still desire to be enrolled into the prestigious university. 

“UM is our pride and we will always find ways to manifest this pride”


The university received the approval by the Road Transport Department (RTD) to sell the distinctive “UM” plates. The whole idea to sell those registration plates is “one of the initiatives to generate university income to add funds”. 

If you’re interested in the unique plates but still unsure due to not knowing where the funds would go, don’t worry about it. A statement from the university addresses that and said “proceeds from this sale of special vehicle registration numbers will be used for research activities, development and student affairs.” 

University Malaya also hopes that this initiative, its alumni would participate in the donation to the university while strengthening the ties between them. UM vice-chancellor Datuk Mohd Hamdi Abd Shukor said a lot of compelling points and heartfelt points in the video as well. 

“This name will always be a part of us, being part of this premier university will always be our pride and joy.

“University Malaya is our pride and we will always find ways to manifest this pride, whether through memorabilia or symbols of memories between us and UM and also the tradition of excellence that we hold. All this we display as a manifestation of our relationship with UM,” he said. 

He also did add on the upcoming number plates to be a proof that a person is a “UM citizen”. With the contribution to its development, research and student welfare funds.

If you’re interested in becoming a “UM citizen”, click here to go to the website to bid for the unique number plates from March 8 onwards.