DAP MP urges for cinemas reopening.

With the current situation of the Malaysian economy, it’s not really a surprise that certain industries are really struggling to make ends. This is mainly the issue of what most of the entertainment industry is facing.

With the current guidelines by the government, the cinema industry has been put on temporary closure until further notice. The temporary closure and the pandemic spells bad news for the cinema industry. 

Bangi MP Ong Kian Ming pointed out that continuous closure of cinemas would possibly impact the future of other sectors such as the film industry, and raising unemployment rates. 

“By forcing cinemas to remain closed, the government is not only jeopardising the jobs of the cinema operators (including many in the B40 who work as cleaners and attendants in these cinemas). The government is also doing great harm to the local film industry because filmmakers would not dare to shoot films if they don’t know when their films can be shown in the cinemas,” said Ong. 

Currently, with the current cases of the Covid-19, the precautions in place are needed to ensure safety. However, prolonging the closure would also cost the cinema operators greatly. Golden Screen Cinemas and Tanjong Golden Village are all facing financial struggles while MBO has already ceased its operations.

The necessary SOP’s


With the economy slowly reopening, technically cinemas would be able to open up slowly. Along with the new regulations have allowed gyms and restaurants to operate. Which would allow the opening of cinemas as well. 

Due to the nature of cinemas, patrons usually would be sitting quietly while watching the movie and social distancing also could be practised strictly with the fixed seating in the cinema. 

Ong also pointed out that patrons would usually sit in a spot and not move around much is also a valid point. As compared to restaurants and gyms where proper social distancing would be more difficult to implement. 

Even with the current situation of the pandemic, reopening the cinema industry would be important to get the economy back up and running. Additionally in also retaining and offering more job opportunities during this period.