It could be too good to be real

Love scams have been going on the news for quite some good time now. While it may seem very easy to detect it, it may not be the case since these scams usually target the person’s emotions. As it’s quite clear, emotions are able and capable to make people decide and do things that may be illogical at times. That is what makes these scams of this nature to work very well with people. 

Those who are looking for love or just being on dating apps should be wary of these potential problems. As these scam artists usually start off with sweet talking and would usually be able to manipulate a person emotionally.

The process would usually go on for months or even years to gain their victim’s good trust. That itself is malicious as the scammers are essentially manipulating and abusing the victim’s emotion. Nevertheless, this can happen to anyone and even the more precautions to take when interacting with people through dating apps. 

Not everyone’s that lucky


A Malaysian woman was scammed of RM418,400 from her mother’s bank account by a person whom she met through a dating app. The mother of the victim, a teacher and a diabetic gave the account to the victim to manage the account. The victim got acquainted with an alleged Malay businessman who was living in France through the CINTAKU app on 22 December. 

The victim also claimed to exchange phone numbers and her bank account number as the scam artist wanted to send gifts to solidify his love for her. The victim was also reportedly receiving emails and a number of WhatsApp messages from the scam artist to make more payments for various reasons related to the cash gift, with the last sent on Feb 19.

The victim claimed to have made 44 fund transfers to nine accounts that were given by the scam artist amounting to RM418,400. Nonetheless, when it comes to dealing with people from dating apps, it’s best to be very particular since anyone can be who they want to be.