Ingenious Pocket Angel

For years women have been on the short end of the sick when it comes to sexual harassment. Often blamed for the way they dress is a shallow understanding in respecting women right and individuality. The entire fabric of society which undermines women and the mentality of them wanting harassment due to the way they dress is a critical issue that is needed to be dismantled. 

Even up to today, women receiving the backwards treatment still persist. Which is rather interesting since with the internet, it has made it possible and mainstream for information on feminist movements for the masses to read about and be exposed to. It’s still an uphill climb to reach the day where men and women are respected equally in rights and statuses. 

As it still may take a long time to change the perception and understanding that stems from society, Serene Ho, Peggy Neoh and Kimberly Voon took a step in the direction to ensure safety to their peers. The trio, creating the Pocket Angel is a personal safety alarm with an ear shattering 130db siren and equipped with a flashing strobe-light. The creation itself was a success as the Pocket Angel sold more than 10,000 units in five months. 

More than just a product

pocket angel

However, the trio isn’t stopping just there. They have also devoted themselves to dismantling the dangerous mind-set of victim blaming. Dismantling victim blaming is an essential step to a fairer community and society. 

“We witness in the culture around us or within ourselves that the tendency to victim-blame is ever-present. This, we believe, has to be stopped,” said Ho.

From a small personal safety alarm to a movement to change the perception of the public is an admirable effort itself. The act of women speaking up with their experience is a powerful sentiment. 

With that, Pocket Angel started the #ChooseToSpeakUp campaign to encourage women to speak up with their experiences and the importance of personal safety as well.

As that act is able to cause a ripple effect while also speaking for those who aren’t able to do it which could potentially enlighten more on the issues that women face.