Food bank to give back to community

When the pandemic came, many people’s lives took a turn. Many have also lost their jobs due to the pandemic as well as the SOP’s in place for non-essential service companies. In which limits their options to continue operating. However, it’s also known that during times of hardship, that’s then we are able to see and experience undivided and sincere help from our Malaysian fellows. 

Uncle Kentang, who is already seen and known by Malaysians for his philosophies of aiding another without expecting any rewards. It’s understood that the simplest things when done in the right way are able to help those who are in need. Kuan Chee Heng, Uncle Kentang’s real name has also initiated many programmes to help the poor and needy. 

A powerful sentiment


Understanding the Malaysian sentiment, to provide help for those who are in need is common among us. Car accessory shop in Silibin, Ipoh, UV Kool Tint has started its food bank to help its community is admirable. 

Hafizee Arop, 35, the shop’s operator explained that every vehicle that installs a tint, RM5 would be set aside to replenish the food bank. Hafizee also added that the food bank has been in operations since 18 February. “We also welcome donors to help fill up the bank,” he said.

The idea of starting a food bank was initially the idea of the franchise owner and Hafizee quickly took the idea in. However, Hafizee understands the position he holds. He was laid off and was jobless for a few months and he understands what it’s like to not have money to bring food to the table. 

“While the people can take any food from the shelf, they are only allowed to take one item each,” he said while also adding the no questions policy when people patronize the food bank. Hafizee is also hoping that they are able to increase the food variety to help more people.