In hopes of WFH amidst the pandemic

When the pandemic hit us Malaysians, many of the norms which we are very accustomed to such as dining out, rushing to offices, not wearing a mask unnecessarily has all changed after all. However as of now, those aren’t the norms we have today but instead staying indoors and not being exposed to areas with high volume of people is one of the essential things to do. 

It’s also interesting and amazing to see how easily Malaysians are able to adapt to the new norms and rules. Which are in place so the number of cases are under control. The efforts by Malaysians is definitely strong enough. That if thrown another issue, no doubt we’ll be able to handle it as when the pandemic hits us.

In adherence to the SOP’s during the pandemic, non-essential services are not permitted to operate which means that offices are all not allowed to operate but there might be a change in that.

WFH concept in consideration after MCO


The Human Resources Ministry Minister, Datuk Seri M. Saravanan is interested and looking into the matter. If the new work culture would be able to be implemented after the MCO period. However, based on the previous performance level, only certain sectors are able to implement it 

Saravanan also added that the effectiveness of the WFH implementation also depends on the sincerity of staff in a particular company.

Not only that, Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has also shown interest in the new WFH culture. The prime minister has also requested the Public Service Department and the Ministry of Human Resources to review the proposal to expand WFH facilities. 

In which it would be expected to benefit both the public and private sectors. With full pay for the care of sick and ill family members and to support wives in caring for new-borns, which is based on an article reported by FMT.