70km car chase ends with fine and jail time

A car chase with the police for 70km seems like a little too far fetched. However it was pretty real in a small town in Pahang in the Maran District. Personally, a 70km car chase with the police is quite a question as how did the victim manage to travel that far. While that itself is a question, it was fortunate that there weren’t any injuries during the whole chase. 

From the information regarding the chase, it all started when Mohamad Asyraf Haniff Ramlee, 25 was flagged down by a traffic policeman, Corporal D.Kalaiselvan stopped him for two offences. One of which is using the phone while driving and another being using a car registration plate which was not according to specifications. 

Hot pursuit

car chase

Instead of adhering to Kalaiselvan, the suspect instead sped off towards Jalan Gambang-Kuantan. Kalaiselvan was then forced to get assistance from the Kuantan IPD. The Kuantan IPD dispatched patrol vehicles (MPV) to get the suspect to stop as he was driving towards Maran. 

The chase also saw the suspect ramming into a Toyota driven by a man. The suspect also managed to perform a dangerous U-turn. He realised that a roadblock was placed at the main road leading to the toll plaza was intended to stop the pursuit. However, the suspect didn’t have any intention to slow down or stop the vehicle. 

The police then fired two shots at the suspect’s left front tyre but it wasn’t enough to put the chase to a halt. Instead, the suspect continued the run with a flat tyre while heading towards Kuantan. The then dangerous pursuit was finally put to a stop after the suspect’s car skidded near an oil palm plantation.

The suspect is then reprimanded and sentenced by Magistrate Nur Syafiqah Noorinda to 24 months in jail and a RM5,000 fine and his driver’s license suspension for two years under the notion of reckless and dangerous driving.