Background checks on Tinder

Garbo was founded by Kathryn Kosmides back in 2018 who is a survivor of gender-based violence. The partnership between Tinder and Garbo would allow its users to perform background checks on their potential dates. This feature is quite important in this technological era coupled with the issue of gender based violence as well. The service adds another layer of security for women to put themselves at ease. 

Meeting new people is pretty easy in this millennia with the internet and smartphones. Communication has never been this easy and widespread. Where a person is able to be acquainted with another from a different nation. That would either be a long process or a non-attainable thought in the early 2000’s. 

However it’s not all walk in the park these days as knowing a new person from dating apps should be carefully navigated. Since anyone can be whomever they want over the internet. While the fight for equalising women’s right and reducing violence against women still continues, Tinder has also participated in empowering and also protecting women with their partnership with Garbo. 

Extra security layer


“Garbo provides historical information about violence and abuse to empower people to make more informed decisions and choices about their safety,” the press release said.

The group collects public records and reports of violence and abuse, including arrests, harassment, restraining orders, and other violent crimes. Match Group says these records have “historically been difficult to access and cost prohibitive.”

Match Group which is the main company owning Tinder also owns other dating apps such as OkCupid and Hinge. It’s also hoped that the background checking service is also extended to other apps under the Match Group.

The partnership between Match Group and Garbo is expected to see the Match Group’s service to quicken its growth. It’s also expected to see the background check service to be integrated to Tinder later this year as well.