Estranged not so estranged to helping others

Who could forget Estranged, the alternative rock band that gave us Itu Kamu. Estranged shook the Malaysian music industry when Itu Kamu went on to the mainstream radio. It was quite an accomplishment since the music back then was always dominated by a lot of western music and artists. 

However, that wasn’t their only accomplishment. The band has also performed alongside The All-American Rejects, Hoobastank, Raygun, Boys Like Girls, Pixie Lott, Misha Omar, and Kasabian in MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia back in 2009. Even though the timeline of their success is quite dated, the band is still pretty active. Estranged latest single Milikku was released rather recently back in September 2018. 

Improving lives


Thing’s all took a turn when the pandemic hit where the band was unable to perform gigs and to go on tour. That was all it took for them to decide that they could be helping those who are poor and needy. 

Thus started their efforts in providing humanitarian help in their home state, Sabah. They have worked closely with NGO Lightup Borneo since 2017. The joint efforts has also seen the success of raising funds to supply hydroelectric power to three rural villages in Ranau.

Admirably, rhythm guitarist Din Hormatov wants to use his reputation as a musician to aid those who are in need. “It feels great to know that with Estranged and our music, we are privileged to make a living and then are able to give back to communities.

“Personally it makes me a better person to always stay grateful and realising that you can add so much by contributing to communities and society,” he told MalayMail. The band is not done with their efforts of help as they are devoted to raise funds to provide a micro-hydro electric generator for the people of Kg Tinanem in Ranau.