Kick-start Malaysian tourism

With the pandemic still present and cases still fluctuating from time to time, it is definitely not an easy task to kick-start the economy. The pandemic came at an unexpected timing. While also changing many things that have been done normally. With that, experiencing a global pandemic wasn’t unthinkable. Since us Malaysians had also experienced the SARS disease back in 2002 and 2003. 

There is however a common theme whenever an infectious disease were to be present. Economy during those periods of time is highly likely to be badly affected. Tourism is especially affected heavily since both SARS and Covid-19 are both coronaviruses. That being said, the infectivity among humans is also high. 

Due to that, it’s only natural to prohibit tourists from entering the nation. Which causes a domino effect as Malaysia is also dependent on the tourism industry. Back in 2003, the country’s tourism totalled to RM21.29bil, a drop when compared to the RM25.78bil in 2002.

Special allocation by Kelantan state government


Malaysia has had an experience of an infectious disease, SARS. It’s only a matter of time until the tourism industry is to be restarted. Additionally with the current SOP’s, tourism is still rather difficult to kick-start due to the nature of the Covid-19 virus. A wrong step or decision could possibly end up with more cases. 

The Kelantan state government is allocating RM500,000 as special allocations. It is to be used as a kick-start to the tourism industry operators in Kelantan who are affected by the pandemic. State Unity, Culture, Heritage and Tourism committee chairman Major (Rtd) Datuk Md Anizam Ab Rahman noted that special one-off assistance will also be given. Where amounts between RM500 to RM1000 are to be allocated for artists, hotel operators, tour guides and tour boat operators.

“The assistance to tourism industry operators will ease their burden following the Covid-19 outbreak as they depend solely on domestic tourists. For the first phase today, we have allocated RM238,000 that will be given to 155 recipients while the second phase will be distributed in early April,” Datuk Md Anizam Ab Rahman told reporters.