Vincent Tan pledges to donate half his wealth after passing

The pandemic has definitely hit us Malaysians pretty hard. Yet that’s not enough to break the spirits of Malaysians. During these periods of hardship and perseverance, good deeds are not missing but instead are practised even more. This has shown how far this little multi-racial nation has grown and learned to accept the differences and yet live prosperously. 

These good deeds come in all forms, sometimes pretty unexpected. Just earlier today an Ipoh lady who feeds stray mice received attention for her deeds in helping to feed strays so they don’t go hungry. Her usual routine of feeding the strays caught attention and this has led to netizens praising both parties for their efforts. 

During her usual routine, Nazirah Abd Rahman was unexpectedly greeted by a uniformed officer which then proceeded to ask what she was doing. Upon learning of her routine, the policeman replied that she was brave and this is the first time he’s witnessing this as he’s afraid of dogs. Yet heart-warmingly the policeman accompanied Nazirah while she continued with her routine even with his fear of dogs. 

“To give back to help those in need”

Vincent Tan

While the ability for each one of us to give back to society differs, the essence of wanting to help remains constant. Some are able to give back more and some are able to give less yet both are equally noble. 

Berjaya Corporation Executive Chairman Tan Sri Vincent Tan has decided to donate half his wealth to charity after his passing. The business tycoon and Malaysia’s 23rd richest person said that he plans to give back to help those in need after he passes. He also stated that he has also signed the Giving Pledge, he said in an exclusive interview with The Star. 

The Giving Pledge is an open invitation for billionaires, to publicly commit to giving the majority of their wealth to philanthropy. The Giving Pledge is started by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet.