Xiaomi introduces experimental liquid lens camera.

Smartphones have really seen a change in terms of the weight, size, functionality and many more. Previously, smartphones were just a device capable of doing a fraction of what we have today. Yet innovation and development is rapidly changing the smartphone scene which is a great advantage for us consumers. Since we are all able to enjoy and utilise the innovations into our daily lives. 

It’s also quite unthinkable seeing how these small handheld devices have become so important in our daily lives. Checking emails, listening to music, taking photos. These activities were also possible back in the early 2000’s but instead of just one device, it is multiple devices. 

The fact that smartphones have evolved so much is really quite a feat of innovation and engineering. Not only that, smartphones also have diversity, although not much. In this sense, the OS (Operating Software) is currently limited to Android, iOS and Linux which are all built for consumer use but still differ in features and target audiences. 

Edge of innovation


Getting back to the topic, we’ve all heard of Xiaomi. The company which started with smartphones and now branching their market to consumer appliances. Now while that may sound pretty mundane, Xiaomi is no slouch in the smartphone market. Their smartphone offerings are quite interesting as the company is known for its performance to value devices. 

Not only that, it’s become quite a norm that high-end devices are expected to come with amazing optics and camera setup. This trend of high end devices and powerful cameras has been persisting. Due to that, smartphone cameras have been getting better over the years. One amazing innovation is the newly released Vivo X60 which comes with gimbal stabilised optics. 

As of current, it’s quite an amazing feat nonetheless, miniaturising gimbal stabilisation to be able to fit in a smartphone. Yet Xiaomi has its tricks under its sleeves as well. The company will be launching a smartphone with a new experimental liquid lens under the Mi Mix line. 

Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s CEO talked about the new lens technology. “[the lens can] control the shape of the liquid spherical surface through a motor to achieve precise and rapid focusing. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high light transmittance, ultra-low dispersion and resistance to extreme environments.”

All that means that there’s no need for camera modules for macro and telephoto shots since the experimental technology has got that both covered in one module instead of two. The upcoming Mi Mix is expected to be revealed online on March 29, 7:30 a.m. EST.

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